The highly anticipated Apple Watch sure is a pretty little thing, but here’s a question that some people might have forgotten to ask: will it be able to take a beating? According to researchers, the Apple watch is surprisingly water resistant.

While Apple did announce that the Apple Watch will be water-resistant, the company may be downplaying the waterproofness of its watch due to potential legal reasons. In order to truly put the Apple Watch to the test, Australian tech site FoneFox decided to perform a series of water stress tests to see how the Apple Watch will hold up.

The first test subjected the Apple Watch to a five-minute shower, complete with soaps and suds to recreate a real environment. As expected, the Apple Watch held up just fine.

The second test is slightly more challenging: FoneFox let the Apple Watch experience full submersion inside a bucket of water for five minutes. Miraculously, the Apple Watch took the challenge in stride once again.

Finally, the third test involved one of the testers diving into a pool for a 15-minute swim. Intitially, the testers had a scare when the screen on the Apple Watch failed to work underwater. However, the issue probably has to do with the water interfering with the capacitive touch screen technology. Once the tester emerged from the water and wiped the Apple Watch dry, the phone operated as normal.

Not only did the phone operate after a swimming session, the tester also realized that the digital crown of the Apple Watch was still able to function underwater, allowing you to zoom in and out of apps while swimming.

Apple rates it’s Watch at IPX7 water resistance, which is good for 1 meter of submersion for 30 minutes. In a previous statement, Tim Cook also announced that he is comfortable showering with the Apple Watch on.

Watch the Apple Watch Waterproof Test video below!