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The fancy new Apple Watch boasts a number of cutting edge features that make it arguably the most capable smartwatch on the market. However, recent users have discovered that a bizarre condition may cause fundamental functions like "wrist detection" and heartbeat tracker to stop working.

According to reports, tattoo ink in the arm can cause the watch to fail at recognizing that it is being worn. The Apple Watch is unable to "see" the skin, and lock itself as if it has not been put on. One user with a sleeve tattoo thought his Apple Watch was broken because it could not sense that it is being worn. However, when the user put the watch in his palm, which isn't tattooed, the Apple Watch resumed normal functionality.

Specifically, Apple Watch functions that fail to operate include wrist detection, fitness trackers, and Apple Pay. Sure, Apple Watch users can regain operation for their Apple Watch by simply disabling watch detection. That said, this causes the watch to be less secure. Sensitive apps including Apple Pay require secure authorization in order to be used.

The real culprit of the Apple Watch tattoo glitch is in the artificial skin pigment. Dark solid colors including reds and blacks will throw off the sensors to the point where the Apple Watch fails to recognize a wearer at all. Dark colors absorb too much light and causes the sensors to have a difficult time. While light colors will not completely stop an Apple Watch from working, it is enough to at least throw off the heartbeat sensor, causing a highly inaccurate reading. Melanin, the natural pigment that gives skin its color, will reflect infrared light in an ideal way that allows the Apple Watch to function as intended.

Will there be an Apple Watch fix that will solve the issue? According to Gizmodo, a future firmware update could probably enable the light sensor to shine even brighter to pierce through the black ink. To learn more about the bizarre Apple Watch tattoo bug, watch the video below!

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