Adria Arjona and Jason Momoa relationship
Courtesy Jason Momoa/Instagram

MIAMI - In a move that's sure to set the internet ablaze, Jason Momoa has made his relationship with actress Adria Arjona official on Instagram. This week, the Aquaman star declared his love for Arjona, calling her "my love" in a series of swoon-worthy photos. And guess who's in the background? None other than Adria's famous father, Ricardo.

"Japan, you are a dream come true, you left me speechless," Momoa wrote, tagging the 32-year-old actress in his post. "We are very grateful to everyone who opened their homes to us, creating memories with new and old friends, sharing another incredible adventure with my love. ON THE ROAM motorcycles and chaos. All my aloha, J."

One of the photos features Momoa embracing Arjona by the waist during a dinner with friends, with Arjona resting her hand on his arm. Another shot captures the couple laughing as the wind plays with their hair, and yet another one has Arjona posing in front of a neon Harley-Davidson Cycles sign. The confirmation of their romance comes on the heels of Momoa's hint at the Basingstoke Comic Con earlier this month, where he teased fans about being "very committed in a relationship."

Ricardo Arjona's daughter

Adria Arjona is the daughter of the legendary Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona and Puerto Rican former model Leslie Torres. Born on April 25, 1992, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Adria grew up in Mexico City before moving to the United States in her teens to pursue her acting dreams.

Arjona rocketed to fame with appearances in blockbuster hits such as 'Pacific Rim: Uprising,' Michael Bay's '6 Underground,' and 'Morbius,' where she played opposite Marvel's favorite vampire, Jared Leto. She also led her own broadcast network series, 'Emerald City.' And let's not forget her venture into the Star Wars universe, where Arjona shines as Bix Caleen in the series 'Andor,' starring Diego Luna.

Adria Arjona's new Netflix movie "Hitman" drops on June 7. She is also the star of the upcoming movie 'Los Frikis,' which is shopping for distribution after winning the Miami Film Festival this year. She finished filming the thriller "Blink Once," and is getting ready to explore her chops as an executive producer later this year.

The New Chapter for Adria and Jason

Adria's personal life has been quite the journey too. She announced her engagement to lawyer Edgardo Canales in 2018 and they tied the knot in 2019. However, it seems that chapter has closed, making way for this new romance.

Momoa and Arjona worked together in the 2021 Netflix film "Sweet Girl." At that time, Momoa was still legally married to Lisa Bonet, though they were secretly separated. Bonet, 56, filed for divorce on January 8, two years after announcing their official separation. Court documents revealed that the separation date was October 7, 2020, and the divorce was finalized the next day.

Now, with this new romance blossoming, Jason and Adria are ready for a fresh start filled with love, adventures, and a few motorcycles. And let's not forget, Ricardo Arjona might just be serenading the couple at their next family gathering.

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