Arcangel and Anuel AA
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The reggaeton world is once again witnessing a fiery tiradera (beef) as Arcángel, a renowned Latin trap icon, has targeted Anuel AA in his latest diss track, "FN8." Released on December 10, this track continues Arcángel's tradition of holiday-themed tiraderas, a practice he began in 2012 with "Feliz Navidad 1." The last one before "FN8" had taken place in 2017 and was aimed at Kendo Kaponi.

This new public beef seems to have its roots in a complex web of personal and professional relationships. It involves Anuel AA's former manager, Frabián Eli Carrion, who is Arcángel's brother-in-law. After Anuel AA terminated his business relationship with Carrion last year, a series of legal battles ensued, including accusations of embezzlement by Anuel AA against Carrion.

Tensions escalated following an alleged confrontation between Anuel AA's team and Carrion at Arcángel's sister's home, and was fueled by the trap star insisting that Arcángel is only relevant thanks to his friendship with Bad Bunny.

A feud fueled by blood

In an interview with Primer Impacto's Tony Dandrades, Arcángel said: "What I can say is that I am the blood brother of Frabián's wife, and I am the uncle of his daughters. It is my responsibility to ensure their safety. I don't need to spell it out (...) The day I consider that my blood is in danger, then I will indeed get involved in the problem," he said.

After the interview, Anuel called him a chota, a Puerto Rican slang word that translates to snitch. That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

"The concept for this came to me two years ago. I was holding back because my mom asked me. 'Your brother-in-law is doing well; don't make things difficult for your sister' she used to tell me, but the moment is now," he told podcaster Molusco on Monday after dropping "FN8."


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These two powerhouses used to be friends. Their relationship was so close that Arcángel was one of the leaders of the movement "Free Anuel," which fought for his release from a federal jail when Anuel was serving time for illegal possession of three firearms.

Arcángel uses Anuel´s daughter in his tiradera

Arcángel doesn't hold back in "FN8." He highlights his own pioneering role in the Latin trap movement, contrasting it with Anuel AA's younger career. He also takes aim at Anuel AA and Ozuna's self-proclaimed title of "Los Dioses" (the gods) of the genre, a claim Arcángel appears to find presumptuous. The track also uses homophobic insults aimed at Anuel AA and Ozuna.

One of the verses of the song says: "You don't realize that you have a snitch raising your daughter," referring to the daughter he has with Yailin La Más Viral, who is with the Latino rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. "The jewelers have taken you for a fool, overcharging you and putting fake diamonds on you. You are just a simple fool who has delusions of being a thug."

He also says Anuel is addicted to fentanyl and is being treated with Narcan, the first drug approved by the FDA to fight opioid addiction.

Additionally, Dominican dembow artist Rochy RD is unfavorably compared to convicted sex offender R. Kelly. In 2022, Rochy spent time in jail due to sexual abuse to a minor. "I have a daughter just like the girls he likes," Arcángel said when explaining why he mentioned him in the song.

Anuel AA's rebuttal came via Instagram

Initially, the trap artist downplayed the impact of Arcángel's song, suggesting that Arcángel's career is in need of a boost from more prominent artists like Bad Bunny.

"SOLDOUT concert in Washington, D.C. tomorrow, and your Arcángel waiting for Bad Bunny to feature you in a song or invite you to a concert to be able to revive your career and you, who waits patiently kissing up to him in all interviews. Relax; he will soon take you to the dealer, brother. Your album came out and nobody noticed. They only play it quietly when you arrive, so you don't feel bad," Anuel stated.

Then he posted an image that increased the frenzy about their beef. The illustration that is now his profile picture on social media shows him being arrested by Arcángel and his brother-in-law. Behind them are Bad Bunny and Molusco.

Arcangel and Anuel AA
Courtesy SML/Latin Times

This clash between Arcángel and Anuel AA is the latest in a series of notable beefs within the reggaeton and broader hip-hop communities. One such notable feud was between Residente and J Balvin. This confrontation, steeped in differing artistic philosophies and approaches to the genre, showcased the diverse perspectives and tensions within reggaeton. Residente, known for his lyrical depth and social commentary, often contrasted with J Balvin's more commercial approach, leading to a clash that reverberated throughout the music industry.

The tradition of beefs in Urban music

Moving beyond the reggaeton sphere, the world of English hip-hop has seen its fair share of legendary beef. Perhaps the most famous of these is the East Coast-West Coast rivalry of the 1990s in the U.S., epitomized by the feud between Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. This confrontation, fueled by a mix of personal vendettas, media sensationalism and regional pride, had a profound impact on the hip-hop industry, shaping its direction and narrative for years to come.

Tupac Shakur was killed at age 25 in a shooting on September 7, 1996. His fans still believe it was a hit organized by the East Coast rappers.

The significance of these beefs extends beyond personal disputes; they often reflect deeper cultural, regional, and stylistic divisions within the music community. While they can sometimes escalate into unfortunate real-world consequences, they also serve as a testament to the passion and investment of artists in their craft and their identities.

Arcángel openly said: "This is personal." It goes beyond the dynamic and often contentious nature of the music industry, particularly in urban genres. Fans know await for a tiradera from Anuel AA. The table is set for a historic end of 2023 in Reggeaton history.

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