Multitudes of artists and fans have once accused Ariana Grande of being a copycat supreme. From imitating Mariah Carey’s style and legendary moves to copying other artists’ music videos and songs, Grande sometimes does things that make people think she’s a certified rubber stamp.

For more times than one can count, Grande came under fire for copying Mariah Carey. Carey, a living legend with 18 Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles, is Grande’s idol, and it only makes sense for the “Thank U, Next” singer to want to be like her. However, Grande seems to take too much inspiration from Carey that she tends to imitate her more than necessary.

Before Grande was known for her fashion statement and signature ponytail, Carey slayed them first. The uncanny similarities between the song titles, artwork, music video concepts and choreography of Grande and Carey are also too noticeable to ignore.

Once an anonymous Instagram account also called out Grande for copying French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s iconic ad in her “God Is A Woman” music video. In the music video, Grande, donning a nude bodysuit with artificial teats, seemed larger than life, and three men were there to suckle her t**ts. In Gaultier’s ad, on the other hand, model Eve Salvail was wearing the same bodysuit, and she was also surrounded by models fashioned as Roman gods.

“Is God a woman? More importantly, could she be a Jean Paul Gaultier woman? @arianagrande is definitely making a strong case for it … or at least @dave_meyers is a fan of this SS 1993 ad campaign lol,” Instagram account Diet Prada wrote in the caption of the juxtaposed images of Grande’s music video and Gaultier’s ad.

But that’s not all. Earlier this year, Grande released “7 Rings” and came under fire once more for allegedly copying other artists’ works. New York rapper Princess Nokia made the first accusation and said that Grande was guilty of copying the lyrics of her previous song titled “Mine,” which was rereleased off of her 1992 mixtape in 2017. The rapper took to Instagram to explain why she believes it was more than just a coincidence, sharing a video of “7 Rings” and “Mine” and making her followers see how similar their lyrics were.

After Princess Nokia, another artist, Soulja Boy, called out Grande for copying his 2010 hit “Pretty Boy Swag” and just putting her own twist on it to make the copying less apparent. On Instagram, Soulja Boy posted a video comparing the two songs, captioning his post “Arianaaaa?????? Ariana?!” as if waiting for the singer to explain her side and tell him it was all unintentional.

Despite claims of Grande being a copycat, her fans don’t really care. Some of them believe that she only draws inspiration from artists she loves, and that is something that is not uncommon in the industry.

“Who cares?” one fan said. “I saw they all copy each other some way over the years. Just enjoy the music if you like it goes to all singers [sic],” she added. Grande also seems to brush aside all the copying accusations against her, refusing to comment on any of them.

Ariana Grande Ariana Grande attends Billboard Women In Music 2018 on December 6, 2018, in New York City Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Billboard