A British Army instructor is said to have "fancied" a female trainee officer, whom he allegedly sexually assaulted while she was playing the piano.

At The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in Berkshire, England, the woman's performance was allegedly complimented by the accused, Staff Sergeant Dean Foster. Before walking up behind the woman and pressing his groin against her, the married soldier allegedly told her that he "fancied her" and found her "fit," reported wseetonline.com.

Then Foster, whose wife was pregnant at the time, is said to have kissed the woman's cheek, leaving her feeling "uncomfortable" and "scared," but she didn't stop playing.

Bulford Military Court in Wiltshire was told that Foster also poured the woman an illicit glass of wine, but after the encounter the officer cadet complained to her seniors at the academy, according to Daily Mail. But she was told no action would be taken against the instructor for making a sexual advance, and he would only be disciplined for drinking. That left her "devastated," so she decided to report his behavior to the military police.

He was charged with sexual assault, but he denies it. He claimed she made up the story after he refused her attempt to hug him and she became worried about getting in trouble for having alcohol with an instructor.

The woman told the court that she got a message on WhatsApp from Foster asking her to meet for what she assumed would be an interaction about her welfare. That time she was on her way to play the piano, something that she often did.

She started to play the instrument when Foster entered the room and sat behind her on a sofa then he poured a glass of wine for her and kept it on the piano. She stopped playing the instrument and sat on a nearby sofa to talk to him during which he mentioned his pregnant wife and allegedly became "unhappy." At the academy, instructors are not allowed to drink with the officers who are training.

Prosecutor Lieutenant Colonel Michael Culver said that after the conversation, she went back to piano, and "he complimented her playing and also said, 'I really fancy you.'" The instructor then stood behind her and pressed his groin against her hips, and kissed her face. She also said that the instructor had made a "creepy" comment to her about her sister.

Foster was ordered to face a retrial, which will happen in the next three months.

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