A 28-year-old Atlanta woman reportedly died a horrific death after being ejected from a speeding Lamborghini in Buckhead on Monday, Oct. 11.

Catherine Khan, 28, from Atlanta, died after she was seemingly ejected from a Lamborghini while it was going through the intersection of the Peachtree and Piedmont roads in Buckhead. The authorities are still investigating the incident and have not released whether the woman was “thrown out” of the Lamborghini or whether she purposely jumped or fell out from the vehicle, according to FOX 5 Atlanta.

Meanwhile, a video has surfaced online showing Khan reportedly having an argument with the driver of the car before getting into the Lamborghini with him. Officers said that the altercation continued between the two while they were traveling in the car. The officers are still investigating what caused Khan to be ejected from the moving vehicle.

After being ejected from the vehicle, Khan was immediately rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment. However, the doctors were not able to save her life.

Investigators said that it's too early to know if Khan was pushed out of the Lamborghini or whether she purposely jumped to escape from the fight. Officers are reviewing CCTV surveillance videos from near the accident spot and are talking to witnesses to figure out the truth behind the incident, Heavy reported.

Khan's parents, Elizabeth Long and Noor Khan said they are still trying to come to terms with the sudden demise of their dear daughter.

"My daughter Catherine she had good heart," said Noor. "She had a good heart, a good soul."

Khan was the eldest daughter out of their four children.

"I can't get my daughter back. I can't get her back. What happened to my daughter, I don't want to happen to any other girl," said Noor Khan.

The Khans are trying to find solace in knowing that their daughter brought two babies back to life through an organ donation.

"God works in mysterious ways so when she passed away at Grady she lost one life but she blessed two. Two of the babies got her heart," her father said.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call the Atlanta Police Department to help with the investigation.

A 28-year-old Atlanta woman reportedly died after being ejected from a Lamborghini in Buckhead on Monday, Oct. 11. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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