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A 19-year-old Utah teenager went missing from his farm; now on its third week, search efforts began and are expected to continue with additional help.

"My son would not walk away from that farm on his own," his mother, Candice Cooley, told Fox News on Wednesday. "He was removed from it." The police found Dylan Rounds' boots and the truck left behind. His mother now "absolutely" believes foul play is involved with his disappearance.

Rounds is an Idaho native, and he works as a farmer. He secured his own farm in Lucin. Rounds spent his days cultivating the crop while his nights living alone in a camper on the property. According to his mother, she was unaware of her son having any rivals, although she believed he had recently fired a farmworker who she does not think harbored any grudge against her son. "I cannot fathom who would want to do something to our son," she said. "It just blows my mind."

The farm area is rough and covered with thorny brush, Cooley said. She does not believe that her son would have walked on it without his boots, or even in flip flops, as it had also rained that weekend. She described Rounds as an independent teen and said he avoids drugs, video games and social media. "Dylan had a farm, Dylan had a goal, and he had a drive in life so that he would absolutely not let anything, anything, take him away," she said. "This is a kid that the last three years has been out in the desolate desert tearing out new ground."

Rounds was last seen on May 26 in Montello, Nevada, grabbing a bite at the Saddle Sore Bar. According to the investigators, Rounds called his grandmother just before 7:00 a.m. on May 28, and the cell tower data placed his phone on his farm at the time. It is the last known communication of Rounds. As friends and relatives realized two days later that no one else had been in touch with him, Cooley called the police to file the missing person report. Cooley shared that they found his truck on the property and his boots 100 yards away.

The search expanded to include three states and with the help of the FBI. The family is offering a $20,000 reward for any information regarding Rounds' whereabouts. Anyone with information about Rounds is asked to contact the Box Elder County Sheriff's office at 435-734-3800.

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