As Ava White, 12, lay injured on the floor after being stabbed, she begged her friends not to leave her, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

Mirror reported that the jury in the trial of a boy, 14, accused of White's murder, heard more pre-recorded evidence from friends who were with the schoolgirl in Liverpool city center on Nov. 25, 2021, when the incident took place.

According to Liverpool Echo, Boy A has accepted responsibility for her fatal injury, but he said that he acted in self-defense. The 14-year-old from South Liverpool denies murder and manslaughter.

Girl H said that on the night of the incident, her group became involved in an argument with a group that included Boy A over the fact that they were filming them on their phones. Girl H said that White became annoyed and tried to get the group to delete the clips. After the argument, both groups made their way separately across Church Street. That's when they heard Boy A shout “look at the state of youse."

The witness said that White then went over to the boy and started arguing with him again. Girl H said that she saw Boy A move towards White and hit her and that she chased after him with other friends as he fled. The witness said that she ran back to White, who was on the floor lying down. She said, "We was like 'what the hell' and then Ava, she must have been in shock or something, but she was just lying on the floor."

The witness said that it was "horrible to look at because her neck was bleeding that much.” Girl H said that she remembered White saying to her friends, "Don't leave me." The witness added, "That's the last words I heard out of her mouth because then I had to walk away because I couldn't look at her any more.”

Another witness, Girl D, said that White had her "arm over me and she was trying to undo her jacket. There was blood coming out of her neck." They sat her down and "she was bleeding on me and we were just trying to apply pressure to the side of her neck.” They continued to do that while they waited for cops and paramedics to arrive. White later died in a hospital.

According to BBC, Home Office pathologist Dr Jonathan Medcalf said that White died as a result of the stab injury to her neck which caused catastrophic bleeding. He said that he can't say it was "severe but I can't say it was gentle. I don't think it was mild force, for example."

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