'Caminos De Guanajuato' Telenovela
"Caminos De Guanajuato" with Erik Hayser and Iliana Fox is one of the new telenovelas premiering on Azteca América. Azteca

This week is Upfront week in New York City! The Upfronts is when the major television stations in the U.S. invite advertisers to see a presentation of the new programming the networks are set to air. Advertisers then decide on what shows they will show commercials and spend their money for viewers to see. Azteca América announced their new shows at a presentation at the Best Buy Theatre. “Last year, I made a commitment to our advertisers and partners to deliver new executive leadership, a new Azteca Station Group, a stronger brand, more solid programming and innovative partnerships,” said Manuel Abud, President, CEO, Azteca America. “One year later, we have delivered on those promises, made impressive strides and achieved significant milestones. Tonight, we are proud to be presenting our most ambitious programming line-up which reflects our long-term strategy of delivering compelling, quality content and programming that keeps our audience engaged.”

Enrique Perez, Executive Vice President, Azteca Station Group, added, “Over the last year we have invested in resources and expertise in our local markets to create a bonafide station group which will better serve our communities. We are providing an improved platform for distribution and in collaboration with our partners, we will continue to execute national marketing opportunities with local extensions designed to best connect our advertisers and marketing partners with their desired consumers.” Three new telenovelas were announced during the presentation: "Caminos De Guanajuato," "Tanto Amor" and "La Promesa." The first of the three premieres tonight in Mexico starring Erik Hayser, Iliana Fox, Alejandra Lazcano, Dolores Heredia and many more. Read down below a brief synopsis of all the shows coming to Azteca this season.

Caminos De Guanajuato: Based on the Spanish smash hit “Gran Reserva,” “Caminos de Guanajuato” tells the story of Gilberto Coronel, a man without scruples, who is forced to start anew as a result of a head injury from a botched shooting which causes him to lose his memory, his personality, and his way of seeing the world. He now must figure out who attempted to kill him and how to rekindle the love he once had with Florencia.

Tanto Amor: A classic love story in which the protagonists are unaware about their true origins, but are brought together by fate to embark on an adventure where they will learn about the secrets, lies, and betrayals of their past. And, of course, they will find true love. Mía and Alberto are a couple who challenge fate. They fight to make their dreams a reality so that one day they can be together. They are a free couple who will fight to defend their principles and virtues and will do whatever it takes to fulfill their love.

La Promesa: Three children live temporarily in an orphanage in Mexico City: Manuel, who is four; Valentina, who is three; and Guillermo, who is also three. In the months they have spent together, the three have bonded – particularly Manuel and Valentina, who are inseparable. One night, they discover they will be split up with each child going to a different family and they will never see each other again. Each will carry in his and her memory fragments of their time together as scattered and vague memories. But twenty years later, fate will bring them together once again and their reunion will be electrifying. This is a great love story filled with secrets that become uncovered week after week. It’s a great tale about family and motherhood. Linked by family ties and by love, the subplots all support the main plotline: Valentina and Manuel’s love story, the two united through time by the promise they made to never leave each other.

Baila Si Puedes: Hosted by Tania Rincón,“Baila si Puedes” follows 16 celebrities, each paired with a professional dancer, as they face off every week with a different choreographed routine from a number of dance genres including: ballroom dancing, aqua dancing, fire dancing, pole dancing, aerial dancing, among many others. A panel of well-known personalities, Kalimba, Ema Pulido, and Aylín Mújica, will evaluate the contestants' performance in each episode. Everyone is competing for the grand prize and the chance to be crowned king or queen of the dance floor.

Todo O Nada: The participants on “Todo o Nada,” hosted by Mauricio Barcelata, include everyone from teenagers to golden age citizens. During the show, an array of different games are played through fun activities and general knowledge questions that unfold in a quick and simple way, using a variety of themes resulting in a great number of prizes.

Soy Tu Doble: Azteca celebrities, along with talented amateurs, will be in charge of entertaining Hispanic families by impersonating and transforming into some of the music industry’s biggest stars on “Soy Tu Doble.” Host Poncho de Anda will present to contestants the rules they will need to follow in order to be crowned the best double on the show.

Escape Perfecto: Hosted by Rafael Mercadante and Adianez Hernandez, “Escape Perfecto” features two contestants battling to grab as many prizes as possible within individual cages. The most important challenge is to exit the cage with more prizes than the opponent.

Kaçak: The hit series from Turkey in which a family man finds he can’t outrun his past and is dragged back into a war with his old Mafia enemy. In a previous life as a policeman, our hero Serhat kills the son of a cruel Mafia boss, has to change his identity and escape to a small town. He lives a calm family life as a café owner until his life changes again when he gets caught up in a robbery of the local jewelry store. He disarms the criminals, becomes the town hero, and his story tops the national news. The unwanted publicity reveals his hidden identity and soon, dark characters from his past close in on him and the people he loves.

Escándalos: Produced in Miami, Mexico, Panama and Venezuela, this series dramatizes real-life scandals that shook the world. The ripped-from-the-headlines episodes tell the stories behind the most notorious murders, celebrity affairs, and political scandals.

Hasta Mañana Es Lunes: A daytime variety entertainment program featuring engaging stories, compelling interviews, special guest appearances, and much more. Shanik Aspe, Ivette Hernández, Regina Murguía, and Lambda García are the hosts of this one-hour program.

Viva El Show: An afternoon entertainment program featuring contests that aim to bring together Mexican families by having them participate in different activities with the chance to win big prizes. This family show features sketches, musical performances, special segments, games, and challenges for participants of all ages. “Viva el Show” is hosted by Víctor García and Cinthya Rodríguez.

La Isla: The Azteca original reality show that features two groups of contestants: the first group is formed by Mexican celebrities, and the second group is made up of unknown participants that will act as the challengers. They will test their mental and physical strength and abilities in a battle to decide who will take home the cash prize. Of the 24 participants, 12 are celebrities. They will inhabit an island and face nature at its most extreme. Alejandro Lukini returns as the host of the program and he will accompany them throughout their journey in Cayo Cochinos, Honduras.

Viernes Fútbolero: Azteca America scored its biggest ratings with its popular franchise, “Viernes Fútbolero” Friday Night Fútbol). The network will continue to air home matches of some of the most dynamic teams of the First Division league. Once again, Azteca combines its stellar play-by-play transmissions featuring Christian Martinoli and Luis Garcia, along with some of the top sports analysts of Mexican soccer.

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