Baby Rasta from the urban duo Baby Rasta & Gringo remains hospitalized in New York after experiencing severe body pain. The diagnostic, revealed Saturday, points to an intestinal inflammation that requires specialized medical care.

Born Wilmer Alicea, the Puerto Rican artist was rushed to the hospital Friday morning in the midst of promoting their new music video "Que Sera de Mi?" According to Gringo, the artist suffered intense pain in his back and stomach on Thursday night.

A black-and-white photo of Baby Rasta in the hospital was posted Friday afternoon alarming the duo's fans and asking them for their prayers. "We ask everyone for their prayers, for this delicate situation that we are having with Wilmer in N.Y. We hope everything comes out good, we'll keep everyone informed," stated the post.

Their concert on Friday night at XKANDALO night club in New York was cancelled. 

Baby Rasta & Gringo Baby Rasta, left, is receiving special media care after an alarming diagnosis. Here's what we know about his health scare. YouTube/BabyRastaYGringo

Keeping their fans on the loop, the duo's manager, Ganda Duars, shared an updated statement on Baby Rasta's health situation.

Baby Rasta remains hospitalized in New York, therefore the presentations on 116 Street and Club Mansion (New Jersey) tonight, and "Verano Sol" [festival] in Washington tomorrow have been cancelled. Wilmer Alicea, entered the hospital yesterday with a severe stomach ache, which according to the diagnostics, points to an intestinal inflammation that requires specialized medical care.

The duo then asked their nearly 10 million fans to continue to keep Wilmer in their prayers. "We ask for everyone's prayers so that he doesn't have to get operated. Thank you to everyone who has been concerned," expressed the duo on Facebook. 

The popular Puerto Rican duo, known for their hit songs such as "Me Niegas," "Amor Prohibido," "Ella Se Contradice" and "Na Na Na Na Na," had an eventful weekend with gigs in New York, New Jersey and Washington D.C.