A California woman, who allegedly threw drunken sex parties for teenagers, including her minor son, was denied bail when she appeared in court Wednesday.

After she was extradited from her new home in Idaho, Shannon O'Connor faced the Santa Clara County Superior Court with her attorney. O'Connor was arraigned on nearly 40 criminal charges, including providing alcohol to minors, child endangerment and child abuse, according to KTVU FOX 2.

Prosecutors said that there was evidence she could continue to harm kids if released, so a judge rejected her bail plea, ordered her to be held in custody and also granted no contact protective orders for all the 15 victims, including her child. She can’t have any contact with any of the teenagers in person or through social media, phone or email.

She has been accused of hosting the parties, filled with alcohol and sex, several times at her former Los Gatos house. According to Fox News, in one incident, the 47-year-old mother gave a condom to a drunken boy and pushed him into a bedroom where an intoxicated teen girl was lying on a bed. Prosecutors said that once a minor girl, who had been drinking felt unwell and headed to the bathroom, and was followed by a teen boy, who apparently made her cry and bleed.

Documents show that apart from encouraging teens to have sex, sometimes she would watch them, and she discouraged them from telling their parents. Many of the victims were her son's friends.

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen said that it took a lot of courage for the teens to step forward and share their stories. Rosen said after Wednesday's arraignment, "There is nothing cool about getting teenage children drunk then commit sexual assaults on one another." He said that a parent who allows such things to happen is irresponsible, criminal and reckless.

According to investigators, she has been arrested twice recently, last week at her Idaho house, where she was found with many underage girls and boys. She shifted to Idaho before a warrant for her arrest was issued.

Last week, two children of O'Connor, who also has three criminal complaints against her alleging she embezzled $100,000 from her former employer, were sent to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

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