'Bailando Por Un Sueño' 2017 Finale Winner: Adrian Di Monte Takes Trophy

Adrian Di Monte
The "Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo" star took the top prize and will now realize the dream of his fellow dancer. Televisa

Adrián de Monte took the "Bailando Por Un Sueño" competition by storm since the first show impressing judges for his dancing abilities and his worked out body. The Cuban actor that we saw on "La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo" was known to show his muscles and toned abs throughout the show. Him and his partnery ultimately took home the trophy beating out favorites like Begoña Narváez, who took third place, and Carlos Sarabia, who was runner up.

During the semi-finals, there was a great controversy between Lolita Cortés and Sergio Goyri after the latter took the judges comments to heart. The "Señora Acero: La Coyote" actor went as far as to call Lola a "bitter woman." 

After Sergio Goyri's first musical number to the tune of "Torero" by Chayanne, Lolita criticized the horrible choice in wardrobe. She compared the clothes to the way Speedy Gonzalez was animated on the Looney Tunes. The "Señora Acero" actor seemed to be enjoying the criticism and had not taken it to a personal level as he was seen laughing and smiling. Then Goyri yawned and Cortés called him out for being rude.

Things started to heat up with Lolita said that Goyri and his dance partner "were just having fun" and not really in it to win the competition. She suggested to take the show seriously as the goal of the whole project was to fulfill a dream.

Sergio Goyri retaliated by saying that the dream was already fulfilled, that he helped his partner realize it, wether they won the show or not.

"Mrs. Cortés, I have been working for 40 years and I've never worked with you," he said. "That's the biggest different, in being a villain that people love, than being a villain that comes to burst everyone's balls. You are great in your character, you will not burst mine. I come here to have fun, to have a good time and from the first show, the girl had her dream realized. I had not wanted to say anything, but since you burst my balls, I can tell you now. They didn't hire me to burst everyone. You are great in your character, not just in this show, in all of them. So much bitterness must be sad, getting home at night, where do you put so much bitterness."

Lola then replied: "For everyone, for you Mr. Goyri, I don't have 40 years in the entertainment industry, in 2 years I will, when we stand on a stage, the people that do theatre, we don't think of ourselves. We think of the audience that took a long time to save up and pay for a ticket, because it's not easy. This isn't bitterness, it's discipline because I need to give the audience the best night of their lives because I hope that anyone of them can say, 'I want to do what she does.'"

Lola ended up giving the couple a 2 out of 10. On the second round with Sergio Goyri, Lola gave the couple props for a better dance number commending him for being a good partner. Lola gave them a 9 to everyone's surprise.

Sergio Goyri ending up being one of the couples to exit the show, but before it all ended he took time to apologize to Cortés. "I want to publicly apologize to Lola," he said. "The woman is a lady and it got heated. Sorry."

As the credits of the show rolled on, Lolita went to the stage and gave Sergio Goyri a hug. "Don't worry about it, that's how the show is," she told him. "It's an honor to have you hear."

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