Bella Hadid opened up about the impact Lyme disease, the pandemic, and a model's irregular schedule has had on her mental health.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Magazine, the supermodel spoke up about her "excruciating and terrible" mental health struggles in recent years.

Hadid revealed that she hadn't had a stylist in around two years now. According to her, she got particularly concerned about her clothing and appearance. She attributed the factor to the worry of any paparazzis waiting outside her home.

"In the last year, it was [essential] for me to learn that even if people talk about my style or if they like it or if they don't, it doesn't matter because it's my style," she told the outlet. "When I leave the house in the morning, what I think about is: Does this make me happy? Do I feel good in this, and do I feel comfortable?"

The cover girl has also recently started posting photographs of herself crying on Instagram to let her followers know they aren't alone in their mental health challenges.

"I would just be in excruciating and debilitating mental and physical pain, and I didn't know why," she said of the inspiration behind the photos. "[When I posted them] it was to make sure that anybody that was feeling that way knew it was OK to feel that way."

Hadid also explained why she decided to upload a series of photographs of herself crying last November to the Wall Street Journal.

She also told the outlet (per Page Six) that she hopes her followers understand that, while things "appear so beautiful" on Instagram, everyone is made from the same fabric at the end of the day.

Hadid admitted that she has good and terrible days. Still, she did not regret how much she has posted on social media.

Walking outside and remembering that there are so many other people going through similar things as she makes her feel better, she said.

While attempting to combat her anxieties, Hadid chose to make a lifestyle shift by beginning her week with better practices. According to Today Magazine, She'd be getting her day off to a good start this way.

When Hadid isn't working, she gets up at 8 or 8:30 a.m. She tries to write three pages in her diary, a practice she got from her favorite book, Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way."

What matters to Hadid is having that ritual and having that time with her. She also attempts to practice a morning "thanks meditation."

Hadid will head to the gym if she has any spare time during the day. She enjoys taking long walks along New York's Hudson River and participating in hobbies such as boxing, Pilates, and rowing.

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