Annie González, who worked at Sony Records for 20 years, had a close relationship with Betty Pino. More than colleagues, they became friends and shared the ups and downs throughout their lifetime. The sudden death of the Miami readio personality took Gonzalez by surprise as she reveals in an exclusive interview with

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"When she was the peak of her career, she always remained very humble. She was a woman with a humongous heart. I always kept in touch with her and she always had kind words and never said negative things about anyone," Annie said about her beloved friend. "What I am going to miss of her the most is her pure heart and her naivety. She was like a little girl, her heart was like a little girl's, sometimes even childish."

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"The way she looked at life was like if the years had not affected her, she believed in true love, which was her favorite topic of discussion. Every time she say you she asked if you were in love, if your heart was happy, those were her concerns."

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The death of Betty Pino came as a shock to Annie as it had not been too long ago since they last spoke. They had even set up a date to meet up and catch up with each other.

"The last time I talked to her was exactly two months ago and we were going to go out to eat. I saw her in perfect condition, she never told me she was ill. I had no idea until they wrote a post on Facebook."

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For Gonzalez and for all Pino's radio listeners, the void she has left will be difficult to fill. "Betty musicales" are now a part of our memories and will forever be in our hearts.

"Now to go to the station and not to see Betty will be very strange and has left a big void. And tuning in to the station and not being able to listen to her voice, Miami will not be the same and I think everyone will miss her. They are missing her already. Everyone is going to miss her authenticity and gullibility. Betty was one of the few that put friendship first before anything else. Almost every time a person dies people say that they were a good person, but it's just something they say. In this case it is true, she was a person with a big heart and someone we will miss for a long time."

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The cause of the bacterial infection was not revealed by Pino herself or any of her relatives. Rumors have swirled around what caused this terrible incident which led to the untimely death of the radio personality, but nothing has been confirmed. Annie weighs in on what she has heard:

"There have been many rumors. One of them is that she was infected from bacteria after undergoing surgery on her intestine and other people have said that it was something she ate. In reality, it has not been confirmed yet. I heard that Betty had been having [health] issues for a while and she had been admitted to the hospital before. It was not something that happened suddenly and there was an episode where she was hospitalized."

Annie added, "she was worried about her job and didn't want to stay in the hospital and I believe she checked herself out to return to work. She was a hard worker and didn't want to miss out on her job."

"She loved what she did and she didn't conceive to live without being on the radio with her audience, it was her life. We all take care of our jobs because we need them, but she also did it because it was her love and passion."