US President Joe Biden spoke to auto worker union members
US President Joe Biden spoke to auto worker union members in Illinois. AFP

New evidence continues to emerge about Joe Biden's dwindling support among Latinos. The latest data comes from a Cygnal poll, which shows that the current president has a single-digit lead over the former, Donald Trump, in four key states with a large representation from this demographic: Florida, Texas Nevada and Arizona.

Concretely, Biden leads Trump 47 to 43 percent. And the lead becomes even narrower when a third hat is thrown is into the ring. If Robert F. Kennedy Jr. were to take part in the 2024 race, he would get 15 percent of the support, while Biden would take 40 percent and Trump's 37 percent.

Trump has been steadily gaining support with the Latino electorate during the past decade, increasing from 28 percent in 2016 to 36 percent in 2020, according to the Pew Research Center. In 2022, Republicans got 39 percent of the Latino vote, the highest percentage since 2004.

Other key aspects of the study involve the electorate's priorities, as well as whether the "American Dream" is achievable for them personally and their stance on immigration.

35 percent of Hispanic voters consulted said their top priority is inflation and the economy, followed by 17 percent who named immigration and 11% who chose gun control. Moreover, 69 percent of Hispanics believed the "American Dream" is achievable for them personally.

John Rogers, Pollster and Director of Client Strategy, said that in Nevada, where "exit polling suggests Biden won 61 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2020, "there are "some glimmers of opportunity for Republicans."

"The top priority for Hispanic voters is inflation and they are split evenly between the Democrats and Republicans as to which party they trust more on the economy, with younger Hispanics trusting Republicans more. A stronger emphasis contrasting 'Bidenomics' and a Republican blueprint for alleviating inflation and unleashing the economy could help close the gap with Hispanics," he said.

Additionally, 45 percent of Nevada's Hispanics said "the U.S. should have strong enforcement of immigration laws and direct more resources to securing the border, with 41% saying they favor an amnesty-based approach."

In Florida, the "Hispanic population is beginning to reflect the trends of Florida as a whole," said Pollster and Director of Political Strategy Mitch Brown. "Biden and Trump have an equal unfavorable view (51 percent) among Hispanics in Florida. However, Trump leads Biden with Independent Hispanics by 10 points. That lead jumps to 18 points in a non-Trump v. Biden matchup," says the poll.

As for the economy, 49 percent "trust the Republican Party more on the economy, including 46 percent of Independents." And when it comes to immigration, 6 percent of Florida Hispanics "support strong enforcement of laws and directing more resources to the border."

Arizona Hispanics also consider inflation and the economy their top priority (35 percent) with illegal immigration as a distant second (13 percent). Both Joe Biden (49 percent) and Donald Trump (62 percent) are viewed unfavorably among Arizona Hispanics.

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