It seems that all of the characters on “The Big Bang Theory” have been making major strides in their career. Howard went to space, Leonard worked with Hawking, Raj and Sheldon have always been in good places and Bernadette and Amy are more than successful. It seems that everyone on the show is where they want to be in their careers, everyone except Penny that is. The struggling actress has had her share of bad luck when it comes to getting her big break.

But on tonight’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory” it looks as though Penny will finally get that big break. The Nebraska native is offered a role on the hit CBS drama “NCIS.” Overly excited about the fact that she is finally going to see her dream come true Penny decides to quit her job at the Cheesecake Factory in order to pursue acting full time. Leonard is more than supportive especially when Penny’s guest role falls through and she ends up drunk and heartbroken on her couch.

According to a CBS press release as Penny sobs on her couch she asks “Leonard a bold relationship question.” Penny and Leonard fans are hoping that the blonde bombshell will propose to her on and off again boyfriend. But things are never as they seem when it comes to Penny and Leonard, that bold relationship question could mean any number of things. While Penny and Leonard are dealing with their issues their praying mantis looking friend Sheldon looks to learn how to be funny.

Tonight Raj will be working to improve his skills with the ladies. For six seasons Raj could not speak to women without the aid of alcohol. At the end of last season following his break up with Lucy a heartbroken Raj discovered he was over his social phobia. Just because Raj can speak to women does not mean that he is any good at it. Raj’s luck with the ladies has not improved much and Howard quipping that Raj had a better chance with women when he couldn’t talk to them.