Grammy-winning artist Billie Eilish has revealed that she lost 100,000 Instagram followers when she posted a photo of herself in a corset that accentuates her big boobs in July in contrast to her trademark baggy clothing style.

In an interview, the "bad guy" hitmaker, who became popular with her trademark neon green roots, said the backlash began when she decided to experiment on her style and clothing, which resulted in her donning a platinum blond bob, Cosmopolitan reported.

"People hold on to these memories and have an attachment," Eilish said. "But it’s very dehumanizing. I lost 100,000 followers, just because of my boobs. People are scared of big boobs," she added.

Among the comments, internet users were calling the young superstar “disingenuous” and “cringy asf,” with one account even accusing Billie of changing herself due to pressures in the industry.

“The other day, I decided to wear a tank top. It wasn’t even a provocative shirt,” Eilish said. “I know people are going to say, ‘Holy fuck, she’s dressing sexy and trying to make a statement.’ And I’m like, ‘No, I’m not. It’s 500 degrees and I just want to wear a tank top.’”

Along with her rise to fame, the "Ocean Eyes" hitmaker has been increasingly subjected to body-shaming, sexist, and inappropriate comments about her style and physical appearance.
On some occasions, members of the public also pry questions about her personal life. She would then call out the double standard that's partially to blame for people's endless opinions and inquiries, according to BuzzFeed.
Like many A-listers, the songstress confessed she's jealous of people who don't have to use social media as part of their craft, noting it has caused her to feel burned out.

"I really wish that there was a way to avoid it. Literally, delete my account but still have contact with the fans," she added. "I want to be able to have both, but you can’t.”

Billie headlined the Governors Ball music festival in New York on Friday, noticeably returning to her oversized look despite recently upping her fashion game, which saw her in an Oscar de la Renta tulle gown at the Met Gala.

In the middle of her set at the event on Friday, the young superstar called the attention of security after several fans were reportedly escorted off the crowd for medical issues, Insider noted.

"Security, why aren't you paying attention? For real," she said into the microphone during the first verse of "Everything I Wanted." She would later comment, "One job." after singing a few more lines of the Grammy-winning ballad.

A source would later claim the perceived issue was not medical and did not pose any threat to the safety of the crowd attending the festival.

Billie Eilish
Along with her rise to fame, the "Ocean Eyes" singer has been increasingly subjected to body-shaming, sexist, and inappropriate comments about her style and physical appearance.  Getty Images

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