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Want to find deals on iPads, iPad Minis, and iPad Pros? Don’t walk into the Apple Store because they don’t offer many incentives. Above: An Apple logo above an Apple Store in Palo Alto, California November 13, 2015. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Few Apple products make it on the Black Friday menu as retailers find people buying them up no matter what. Cheaper iPads might be the exception however, as retailers try to offload the slightly less popular Mac devices while keeping prices tight on apple products like the novel iPad Pro and iPhone 6. As we wrote this morning, Black Friday shoppers are unlikely to find great deals on the iPhone 6s or iPad Pro. However iPads, including the iPad Air models and iPad MIni 2 and iPad Mini 4 are on sale at a number of retailers.

iPad Air 2: Probably the best Black Friday (technically pre-Black Friday) deal is available at Sam’s Club, Forbes reports. The members-only retailer is offering $150 off the iPad Air 2 WiFi version and $175 off the iPad Air 2 cellular model. Don’t have a Sam’s Club membership? The next-best deal is at Best Buy, where you can get $125 off of the iPad Air 2, according to U.S. News Money.

iPad Mini 4: Target is side-stepping actual discounts, but offers gift cards for the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad mini 2 and the late-model iPad Air, ranging from $150 to $80. The iPad Mini 4 giftcard is $100.

iPad Mini 2: Wal-Mart is probably offering the lowest sticker price on this older-model iPad, at $199. However, if you’re already planning on spending $80 at Target, it’s worth getting the iPad Mini 2 there. Target is selling the device for $269, so you’ll be saving $10 in exchange for being forced to spend $80 at Target.

iPad Pro : With the the 32GB Wi-Fi model starting a $779, many consumers might be scared off by the sticker price (or the display issues). Still, the iPad Pro is a completely new Apple product and it’s been recently released, so don't expect any major deals on this product line in 2015.

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