With only one episode left, fans are pretty excited about what “The Blacklist” Season 6 finale could bring. With the cliffhanger ending in the previous episode, which left most members of the task force at the mercy of Anna, fans are dying to know just what Liz and Red might do to save their comrades and foil President Diaz’ plot, whatever it may be.

The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 21 Recap

The entire episode is all about the dossier compiled by Christopher Miles. The file contains details about the plot involving the President, which interests both Anna and Cooper — Anna does not want the dossier to fall into the wrong hands, while Cooper wants it to know more about the details of the plot.

Somehow, the flash drive containing the dossier found its way to a regular American family — the Grims. Anna, with the Secret Service at her disposal, got to the Grims first, while Cooper’s team came in a little later.

Thankfully, the flash drive was not with Mr. Grim; he sent it to a techy friend for decryption. However, Anna now knows that Cooper is after the dossier and confronts him. “You’re involved in a plot against this country,” Cooper told her without bothering to keep up any pretense. “You know why we’re looking for the Grims because you’re looking for them too — they have a flash drive that details your treason.”

Cooper accidentally discovered that President Diaz is involved right after he warned him of the plot. When his team tampered with one of the killed agents, Cooper heard Anna assuring the President that his involvement in the plot can’t be traced.

Eventually, Cooper’s team got hold of the file, but they got the surprise of their lives. Apparently, the President is involved in a plot to assassinate himself. Yes, it doesn’t seem to make sense, but there’s got to be a bigger plan afoot somewhere.

But before he could do anything, Anna barrages in along with a SWAT team. “You’re going to prison, Harold. Because I know about your plan to assassinate the president,” she told Cooper. Aram and Ressler were arrested for conspiracy to commit murder as well. It looks like Anna got her bases covered this time.

“The Blacklist” Season 6 Episode 22 “Robert Diaz”

It looks like Liz will have to carry out the seemingly impossible task of saving her imprisoned teammates while foiling Anna and President Diaz’s plot. When Anna’s team of SWAT agents stormed their offices, Liz was fortunately out of the way as she was talking to Red on the phone. “I can’t just stand here, I’ve got to do something,” she told Red.

Meanwhile, a brief trailer of “The Blacklist” Season 6 finale also offered a few clues. “It will all be over soon enough,” Anna told the imprisoned Cooper, Aram and Ressler.

Apparently, Anna’s next order of business is to eliminate the remaining members of the task force. “She’s not gonna stop until we’re dead,” Red can be heard saying. “Reddington, I need your help,” said Liz.

Anna will eventually catch Reddington. “No more cheating death,” Anna said as she puts a gun at the back of Red’s head as a helpless Liz watches.

But cheating death is what Reddington is good at. Some fans believe that he will likely survive the ordeal because NBC has already renewed “The Blacklist” for a Season 7. As every fan knows, the show will never be the same without Red on it.

Another question that fans want to be answered is just what Diaz’s endgame might be for him to stage his own assassination. “The Blacklist” airs Fridays on NBC.

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