If there’s anything that “The Blacklist” fans should know by now, it is the fact that the show’s plot is anything but predictable. They’ve seen it in how Liz was miraculously “resurrected” after her supposed death, in how Katarina Rostova was actually alive all these years and how Red is not the real Reddington but an impostor.

And “The Blacklist” Season 7 won’t be any different. In fact, the first two episodes alone are likely to hold enough plot twists and surprises to fill an entire season.

This revelation was made by “The Blacklist” cast member Amir Arison, who plays the fan-favorite computer expert Aram Mojtabai in the series. Arison, who read the first two scripts for the upcoming season, said that they surprise even him more than a couple of times.

“These first two Blacklist scripts back feel like an entire season in itself!!” Arison teased. “That’s how many times my jaw dropped. Season 7 is gonna be something,” he continued.

Of course fans have their own different takes on what these surprises might be about. For instance, it’s likely going to involve the newly resurfaced Katarina Rostova, Liz’s mom, and one of the most enigmatic and potentially dangerous characters in the series.

In the previous season’s cliffhanger ending, Rostova surprisingly kidnapped Red in what was probably their first reunion after decades. Naturally, the seventh season of “The Blacklist” will likely start with the team trying to pinpoint Katarina’s location and hopefully rescue Reddington.

To achieve their objective, Aram’s computing skill will prove to be invaluable. In fact, he has long since proven his worth multiple times in the past where most of the cases handled by the team can only be solved with the tech wizard’s help.

But with Arison’s revelation of multiple jaw-dropping shockers coming their way, one can’t help but think that Rostova’s action of kidnapping Red might not be as simple as it appears on the surface. For one thing, it’s not really certain if Rostava has one long-simmering beef with Red for her to justify kidnapping him the first time they met in a long while.

Seen in this light, it is highly likely that the kidnapping was just a front and other more important plans are already afoot. It’s certainly very interesting to see just what moves the formidable Russian master spy would make and what her ultimate plans for Red might be.

Meanwhile, fans are hoping to finally unravel Red’s real identity. For years, there are those who suspect that Red might be Katarina, which is unlikely the case, as previously hinted at by Bokenkamp.

While it was revealed that the current Red is actually Katarina’s childhood friend, Ilya Koslov, not all people are buying into that reveal. CinemaBlend recently came up with the possibility that a third person might be involved, and this person took Ilya’s place and became the current Red.

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