As of this writing, the sixth season’s finale is yet to be aired, and fans are still waiting with bated breath just how Liz and Red might counter the threat posed by Anna McMahon, as well as President Diaz. But there’s always a more positive way to look at things such as the fact that fans can definitely look forward to “The Blacklist” Season 7.

Whatever happens in the Season 6 finale, fans will still have something positive to focus on — NBC just renewed “The Blacklist” for a Season 7. The announcement was made by NBC’s Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta, who are co-presidents of Scripted Programming.

“Congratulations to our amazing producers, cast and crew, all of whom continue to work at the top of their game and make ‘The Blacklist’ one of NBC’s signature series,” the two executives said in a statement.

Even more exciting still is that the show’s original cast will be returning next season as well. This means that James Spader will reprise his role as Raymond “Red” Reddington, while Megan Boone will likewise still play as Elizabeth “Liz” Keen as well.

NBC’s announcement also serves as one of the biggest spoilers for the yet-to-air “The Blacklist” Season 6 finale. Now that it is confirmed that the show’s main cast will still be returning next season, it also means that their characters will somehow survive the ordeal they are currently in.

In the previous episode, Anna McMahon got all her bases covered. She arrested Cooper. Aram and Ressler charged them with conspiracy to commit murder. Not only has she eliminated those who might foil her plans, but she even has the perfect scapegoat to pass on the blame for the crime she is about to commit.

But for those who really want to get a glimpse of what the finale could bring, here’s what Amir Arison has to say: “The last scene, I don’t think anyone could have ever expected. I was like, ‘Whoa, no way.’”

“And we have a great villain played by Jennifer Ferrin, who’s sort of in cahoots with President Diaz,” Arison continued. “Their intentions will be revealed in the finale. Plus, I get to go out and do a whole bunch of things that Aram doesn’t usually get to do.”

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