Nucky Thompson, portrayed by Steve Bescumi will return to HBO on September 7th for the fifth and final season of "Boardwalk Empire." HBO

“Boardwalk Empire” returns for it’s fifth and final season on September 7th, and there are only 12 episodes left to tell the rest of Nucky Thompson’s story, fans should expect an action packed and memorable season. In the premiere episode, fans will pick up 7 years in the future, and discover the aftermath of Eli’s murder of Knox, his subsequent escape, and even the escape of Nucky.

The synopsis for “Golden Day for Girls and Boys” reveals that despite initially forsaking plans to flee for Cuba, Nucky has finally made it to the island. Fans will pick back up with Nucky while he is in Cuba, and while the time jump will be I full effect, fans should expect to learn more about Nucky’s childhood. The synopsis reveals that Nucky is reminiscing about his upbringing, while simultaneously working on a plan to bring prohibition to an end in America.

Following the Season 5 premiere, the series will continue on September 14th with episode 2 “The Good Listener.” Despite his hiatus in paradise, Nucky is forced to return to reality and to Atlantic City. Nucky leaves Cuba behind mainly due to an upcoming meeting with the “Bosses of Bosses,” in the mean time Al Capone and his men begin a new “initiative to recoup” after suffering big losses in the Elliot Ness bust.

The third episode synopsis reveals that “What Jesus Said” will premiere on September 21 and will introduce the return of Margaret who “finds herself in trouble.” Though disconnected, her former partner Nucky will also be in a precarious situation while preparing for an important visit from Boston. The synopsis also states, “in 1884 a young Nucky meets a young girl,” so fans should expect to see a flashback.

Finally, the fourth episode “Cuanto” will premiere on September 28th and the synopsis teases that Nucky and Margaret will reconcile, the pair will “come together when they find they share a common enemy.” In addition to the former couple’s reunion, Lucky Luciano and Al Capone will meet in Chicago in episode 4.

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