“Boruto” Chapter 42 is expected to continue to Team 7’s fight against Boro under the leadership of its new captain Sarada. While their plan was executed flawlessly at the start, the Kara member proved very decisive and directly attacked the sealed Naruto to break their teamwork.

With Mitsuki and Sarada’s combined efforts, Team 7 quickly learned that Boro used a virus released using a scientific ninja tool to infect and paralyze them. Fortunately, quick-thinking Mitsuki was able to come up with an antidote using Boro’s blood taken when his snake bit the Kara member.

As part of their plan, Sarada faced Boro alone in a one-on-one fight, which somehow convinced the latter that her teammates are already paralyzed. Eventually, Sarada was trapped and got infected with the virus as well.

Upon seeing that the Konoha ninja can barely move, Boro was confident that the viruses already took effect and so he lowered his guard and casually picked up Sarada. But it was all part of a ruse. Seeing, her chance, Sarada attacked Boro with a Fire Ball at point-blank range.

Boruto and Mitsuki came out of hiding and unleashed a coordinated attack on Boro. The plan worked and only a portion of his body remained due to the various attacks he received.

But just as Team 7 was about to celebrate, Boro regenerated his missing body parts right before their very eyes until he became whole again in just seconds. The Kara member proved to be very experienced in battle and, seeing that the team learned already learned to coordinate in fighting, he sought to break this teamwork by directly attacking the sealed Naruto.

Now here come the exciting “Boruto” Chapter 42 speculations. Some spoilers suggest that Boro did not really intend to hurt Naruto when he attacked. Rather, he was just pretending to attack as he wants to Team 7 to break their formation and destroy their teamwork.

Unfortunately, it seems to be working. Just as Boro reached the sealing pot that contained Naruto, which prompted Sarada to shout Kawaki’s name.

There are some speculations saying Kawaki’s action might throw their recently established teamwork out of whack. Thus, it will potentially result in their failure to retrieve Naruto or even endanger each Team 7 member’s life. Given Kawaki’s attachment to Naruto, it might also mean that he will sacrifice himself just to save the Hokage.

However, some fans are hopeful Boro’s unexpected move might be a learning experience for Team 7, especially for their new member Kawaki. It would teach him how to coordinate better with Boruto and the rest in fights and will also teach him how to improvise when situations demand it.