The action in “Boruto” Chapter 43 is going to be one of the most important installments in the current arc. It will likely show the climax of the battle between Team 7 and the Kara member Boro.

Kawaki Points Out Boro’s Possible Weakness

Not matter how Team 7 attacked Boro, the Kara member will just heal whatever body part was damaged in a matter of seconds. He has healed severed limbs, head and has even grown back large parts of his body that was destroyed.

The man simply can’t be killed with the level of attacks Team 7 members are capable of unleashing. But Kawaki finally remembers something about Kara members that might lead to the team’s victory in “Boruto” Chapter 43.

Kara members like Boro had their bodies modied and implanted with scientific tools to enhance specific powers and abilities. In Boro’s case, the tool was responsible for his insane regeneration skills.

But as Kawaki pointed out, Boro’s regeneration ability is likely powered by a large core. The key to defeating Boro then is to destroy this core and stop him from regenerating his damage. Without the ability to heal himself instantly, he won’t be as invincible as he currently is.

Sarada Attacks Boro’s Weakness

With her Sharingan, it was up to Sarada to find where Boro’s core might be located. Once she locates it, Kawaki, Boruto, and Mitsuki can then unleash their strongest attacks on that spot to destroy his core.

But when Sarada eventually found the core’s location, she opted not to tell her teammates as she was afraid Boro would suspect something and be more guarded. Sarada decided to attack the core herself using Chidori, a technique that was taught by her father, Sasuke.

“Boruto” Chapter 43 speculations

The question now is whether Sarada’s Chidori will be successful in bringing down Boro in “Boruto” Chapter 43. It is indeed natural to doubt the effect of Sarada’s attack since she herself admitted that she has not yet fully mastered the technique and has not tried it in battle.

It might be too much to expect Sarada to take down Boro with one hit in “Boruto” Chapter 43. In fact, it would be an anti-climactic ending that fans wouldn’t want at all.

However, that’s not saying that Sarada’s Chidori won’t have any effect on Boro. It would most likely destroy or at least damage his core to a certain extent. Thus, “Boruto” Chapter 43 might show Boro with a greatly reduced healing ability.

But that won’t mean he’ll just readily give up. As they say, a wounded animal is the most dangerous and this applies to Boro as well. Expect the Kara member to become more ferocious than ever in “Boruto” Chapter 43.