The Boston Children’s Hospital received a bomb threat on Tuesday, as an online far-right harassment campaign, built on false information related to gender-affirming for transgender youths, escalates.

The anonymous bomb threat was received at 8 p.m., after which the local authorities sent a bomb squad to the hospital in order to secure the area while sweeping the hospital for potential explosive devices, according to the Guardian.

“We moved swiftly to protect our patients and employees, and we are working with law enforcement and outside experts as they closely investigate this situation,” the hospital said in a statement.

“We are relieved no bomb was found and that employees and patients are safe,” the statement continued. “We remain vigilant in our efforts to battle the spread of false information about the hospital and our caregivers. We are committed to ensuring the hospital is a safe and secure place for all who work here and come here.”

An increase of harassment and threats to the workers of the hospital has happened over the weeks as anti-transgender far-right accounts like Libs of TikTok has encouraged their followers to harass the hospital by posting false information saying that the hospital provides “complex gender affirmation surgery to minors.”

Boston Children’s Hospital has denied the false information regarding providing surgery to minors, while reaffirming their commitment to providing gender-affirming care to trans youths in the country.

During an interview by journalist Stephanie Sy, Human Rights Campaign LGBTQ+ activist Jay Brown has asked for inflammatory posts from such accounts to be taken down due to how they contribute to potentially-harmful actions against the hospital and against LGBTQ youths, PBS News Hour reported.

“We may not have seen yet a provider harmed physically, but we know that they are being threatened. We know that we're also seeing — at the time that these threats are increasing, we're seeing an epidemic of violence against the trans community that continues to be historic year after year,” he said.

“So there is a direct tie to our daily lives, to the ability for our community to thrive.”

Boston Children's Hospital received a bomb threat on Tuesday, one of the many escalating actions levied against the hospital due to an anti-trans, far-right campaign against it. This is a representational image. Spenser H/Unsplash.

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