On December 13 Tim Bradley will be returning to the ring again, this time against Diego Chaves who we expect to be 100%. Unlike last time, there are no issues regarding Diego's visa, like there were when he was supposed to fight against Brandon Rios. Chaves has been training for three months, and although Bradley, who was a vegan, is no longer on this diet, he feels in great shape and healthier than ever. Bradley claims Diego Chaves fights in the trenches and he is ready for whatever he brings to the ring. Joel Díaz, Bradley's trainer says the boxer has not lost his spark after losing to Pacquiao. Here's what both Bradley and Díaz said about the upcoming fight, as they shared them with HBO.

Timothy Bradley:  Hey everybody, first of all I would like to thank God for letting me get back in the ring once again, as well as Top Rank, HBO and Diego Chaves – respect to him for stepping up to the plate.  This is my return after getting beat by Manny Pacquiao.  I learned a lot from Manny Pacquiao – I learned not to beat myself in the ring and not to be someone that I am not in there.  For this fight I am going back to the drawing board, to what got me to the top.  My boxing ability, my speed and using my thinking cap in the ring.  Diego Chaves is no slouch – he has fought some good guys – Keith Thurman and the rugged Brandon Rios.  Brandon Rios is always tough for everybody.  I heard he was tough in that fight.  I know Chaves is primed and ready to fight me.  I am one of the best and he wants to beat me.  So I am focused and training camp went really, really well.  I have sparred over 150 rounds and I am in tip-top shape.  Everyone is wondering if I am on the vegan diet and no I am not on the vegan diet for this fight.  I am actually eating fish and eating meat and I feel fantastic.  I think it should be better – I think I’ll be better off.  I am excited about this opportunity.  I am excited to be on HBO Live on December 13 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and it should be a real exciting fight.  It’s the best card going on that night.

Bradley vs Chaves Interview with Timothy Bradley and his trainer Joel Diaz Top Rank

Do you feel you have more incentive or a sense of urgency to win coming off a loss?

TB: I don’t think about losing.  All I think about is winning.  A two-fight losing streak does not even enter my mind.  The thing is you learn from losing battles.  You learn a lot about yourself.  And I learned a lot more while losing than I did by winning.  I definitely want to get this win, I am going to get this win against a tough guy like Diego Chaves.  He fought Rios then went back to the gym four weeks later so he will be in tip-top shape, and hopefully maybe he over trained a little bit, and if so that would work in my favor.  I am expecting a tough, tough night against Diego Chaves.  He’s not well known in the general public but in the boxing world he is well known.  He’s a tough, tough guy.

What is the mindset coming in after a loss as opposed to a victory?

Joel Díaz:  After the loss, Tim came back to the gym and his main focus was getting the title back and he told me, he said, ‘Coach I am going to be world champion again.’  You don’t see a lot of fighters like that.  A lot of fighters, when they come back after a defeat, you don’t see the spark any more.  Tim has not lost the spark.  I know Diego Chaves.  I was there when he fought Keith Thurman.  I met him personally there and I was also there when he fought Brandon Rios.  He’s not an easy opponent.  He’s a tough opponent.  He comes to give Timmy a hard night, but we prepare ourselves for the toughest fight.  We prepared for this fight like it was the Pacquiao fight and Tim has no doubt in his mind.  He’s got his preparation in.  Mentally and physically he is focused and we are not even thinking about a loss.  We are thinking about finishing the year with a spectacular win.

Being there are two events on the 13, do you feel incentive to be the star of the night?

TB:  I fight on the best network there is in boxing, HBO, and I don’t care what those other clowns are doing.  I am here and I am going to be faced with a tough opponent and I am sure if all the fans around the world want to see a real fight they are going to tune into Bradley vs. Chaves because they know what they are going to get – they are going to get a fight.  They are going to be talking about my fight, of course.  I am one of the best fighters in the world so everybody is going to tune in because they want to see what I am going to bring.  And they want to see what Chaves is going to bring.  Chaves against me is a real fight.  Those other fights that are made, they are just fight regular fights.  This is a super fight what we are doing at The Cosmopolitan.  Our fights are way better.

JD:  Of course.  Tim is fighting a very tough opponent, a guy that comes to fight and always puts out the best.  The boxing fans know the difference in styles.  It is going to be a great night of boxing in Vegas and if they want to come and see Bradley they are going to see a great fight – they are going to see a well-matched fight.  Or they can go watch the other fights where they know who is going to win.  I think it is going to be a great night where people are talking about Tim Bradley and a great performance.

Timmy needs to just focus on his job and do his work that we trained for.  Stick to his strategy and it shouldn’t be a problem.  Get in there, fight smart and win.  But knowing Tim, who is stubborn at times, you are going to see a fight.  We always prepare for the best but always prepare for the worst.  We plan for plan A and plan B.  He will box but at some point you are going to see the stubborn Tim Bradley and exchanging and if they spark it up you are going to see a war.  That’s the thing about Tim Bradley – he is unpredictable and you don’t know what to expect.  The only thing you know is you are going to see a great fight.

How is your mindset coming into the fight after fighting the rematch against Pacquiao?

TB:  The dark cloud has blown over.  I am clear-minded and I am happy to be back.  I’m happy to be back healthy and happy to be back in front of the fans.  I am happy for the opportunity.  Opportunities come and you have to be ready for them and this is another opportunity to shine.  I am definitely up for it.  When I was fighting the Provodnikov fight then the Pacquiao rematch and the fact that we settled it and it’s all over and I am moving on and my goal is to get my title back.  Get my title back and win another title in another weight class.

My mind is set on Chaves and not thinking about anything else, distractions or negative thoughts that would make me fight a certain way.  I like the fact I am clear-headed and going in with a game plan.

What is your motivation to fight Chaves?

TB:  Just coming back and getting into the winning column.  Diego Chaves is the type of fighter that you have to get up for.  You can’t sleep on him and those are the type of fighters I like to fight.  I have been in the game for over 10 years now and I like to be inspired when I fight.  I want to feel nervous.  I like that nervousness, that’s why I like to fight the best.  I want to feel nervous and Diego Chaves is one of those guys where I feel nervous.  It keeps me sharp and keeps me training hard and it keeps me focused.

Joel, will you have to spend a lot of time with the referee to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand?

JD: We are going to bring it up to the referee.  Obviously that is a concern.  Chaves has a pattern from the last fight but at the same time, if you look at it, it could work against us or it could work in our favor.  This is his third opportunity coming to the United States for a big fight and everybody knows he is a dirty fighter.  He might come back with a different mentality, we don’t know but we’ve got to be ready for it.  Of course I am going to bring it up to the referee and I’m going to be very aware.  In the corner I am going to be very aggressive, not only with the fighters but with the referee.  If I see anything that is not right for my fighter, I am always going to be on the ref, every round.

Have you fought a dirty fighter before?

TB:  I really haven’t fought guys that were extremely dirty.  I have as an amateur.  I have been in the ring sparring with guys that are really dirty.  I just keep my composure most of the time.  Bring it up to the referee and let him know what he’s doing.  If I react, the referee is going to see the retaliation and then he is going to warn me.  As long as I stay relaxed and bring awareness to the referee that he is doing this and doing that and as long as he doesn’t get too rough in there so that I don’t have to refrain from doing what I do.  I am an eye for an eye type of guy man, and if the referee isn’t doing his job the I have to do my thing.  Just like I tell all of the athletes that I work with in football – protect yourself – learn to protect yourself.  Diego Chaves isn’t going to like it when I come back at him.  I am just going to say that right here, right now.  The referee better be a good referee and he better be in control of the match.