Aside from his unquestionable good looks, there a lot of things one can admire about Brad Pitt. For one, he has bravely opened up about his alcohol addiction and even managed to stay sober these past two years despite the stresses of his and Angelina Jolie’s ongoing divorce proceedings.

But a recent story came out that seems to hint that Pitt might have slipped up recently. The story was published by the Australian publication Woman’s Day, which suggests that the actor might have drunk some alcohol during the after-premiere party of “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood,” according to Gossip Cop.

Woman’s Day alleged that Pitt was “clinging to a glass tumbler that looked suspiciously like a cocktail.” The magazine even added that the talk of the party, which was held at the Roosevelt Hotel, “was that Brad, 55, might have fallen off the wagon.”

The magazine cautioned that no one really saw Pitt grabbing an alcoholic drink himself, but people were suspicious just the same. “Brad had someone bringing him drinks throughout the evening — though, of course, they could be mocktails,” Woman’s Day cited an unnamed source.

People were said to be questioning whether he was drinking because the actor seemed to have gotten livelier as the party progressed. “He certainly became more animated as the night went on, which had a lot of people questioning whether he was back on the drink,” the suspicious tipster added.

Those close to Pitt are reportedly worried that the actor might go back to his “old, self-destructive ways.” The actor, who stopped drinking after Jolie filed for divorce, managed to stay sober for more than two years now.

“Temptation is everywhere with all the parties, the socializing and the drinking,” the questionable source added. “It’s a really slippery slope he would be heading down.”

Gossip Cop got suspicious about the veracity of the report, especially since the supposed source was not even sure if Pitt was actually drinking alcohol during the party or not. The fact-checking site contacted a source close to Pitt, who confirmed that the actor hasn’t touched alcohol since his decision two years ago.

Brad Pitt Photo of Brad Pitt. Keith Baggett/Flickr