In the eyes of Brave CF middleweight champion Mohammad Fakhreddine, he would rather follow the Manny Pacquiao path than Floyd Mayweather’s business model.

The reason behind this is simple – he wants to get it on and trade blows with anyone who comes his way. He is ready to take on the punishment and face the best of the best, particularly in boxing.

And without question, this is what the Pacquiao philosophy is all about. Fakhreddine shares his thoughts on Pacquiao and why the 42-year-old boxing champion is “The Man” in his book when he appeared on the Sports Bytes PH podcast hosted by this writer and Filipino pro boxer Rica Aquino.

“He is not fighting just any guys. He is fighting top competition as well. He is not protecting himself like Floyd [Mayweather] did. He is no picking fights. He is going after the younger guys. He is going after champions. I got mad respect for Manny. Manny is the man,” the Lebanese fighter stated.

Of course, Fakhreddine was also asked about his take on Mayweather and his boxing philosophy. The Brave CF fighter could not say much but admitted that the American boxer’s way is not something he can relate to.

“He [Mayweather] is the greatest boxer of all time. He picked and chooses fights in the past 10 years or so. He fought Manny when Manny was hurt but when Manny got older, he wouldn’t fight him in his prime,” Fakhreddine stated.

The Lebanese MMA fighter followed Mayweather’s career closely. That included “Money’s” fight with Marcos Madiana in 2014, a fight he believed the Argentinian pug won.

“I think he lost to [Marcos] Maidana the first fight. Even though he won the fight, I think Maidana got robbed in that fight,” Fakhreddine stated.

And like most, Fakhreddine is aware that Mayweather picks his fights. But as far as he is concerned, it is just not his style.

“He said it himself. Why get hurt when you can make all the money you want without getting hit. Just hit and don’t get hit. This is Floyd’s mentality. I don’t personally relate to it coz I love to fight and I love to hit. I respect Manny [Pacquiao] for that reason because he goes in there for war, he goes in there stands and trade with hits with everybody,” he ended.

Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao Getty Images | Steve Marcus

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