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A 26-year-old female model was among the multiple individuals who were meted a life sentence for the murder of a man who was lured into a trap and eventual death.

The man was identified as Lee McKnight. The 26-year-old was invited by his ex-girlfriend identified as Coral Edgar last July 24.

Edgar sent booty messages to McKnight via Snapchat, something that was reportedly orchestrated by an associate named Jamie Davison. It turns out that it was a devious plan tied to drugs and money.

Lee allegedly sold cocaine and cannabis and owed £2,000 to Davison. The 26-year-old turned out to be a middle-man in an alleged £500,000-a-year operation as heard by the Carlisle Crown Court.

When Lee arrived at the home of Coral, he was allegedly tied to a chair and was given a savage beating that reached the point of death. Davison was not the only one who carried out the punishment. Arron Graham and Jamie Lee Roberts were also present to deal the 26-year-old a beating.

After the beating, Lee was thrown into a river south of Carlisle. He was believed to be still alive at that time but was powerless to help himself. He ended up drowning and his body was found hours later.

Pathologists who examined the body of McKnight found 36 separate head wounds, a fractured skull and several broken ribs. The injuries he sustained made him look like a torture victim per reports.

The 26-year-old was punched, kicked, stamped on, beaten and whipped with a riding crop that allegedly belonged to the mom of Coral named Carol. The object was bought from a sex shop.

Aside from Carol, another adult was found to be part of the crime. He was identified as Paul Roberts, the father of Jamie Lee Roberts, who brought his son fresh clothes after the crime. He also reportedly destroyed the blood-stained clothes. He alleged that he was trying to help Lee when he saw how badly hurt he was.

In all, six people stood trial for the death of Lee McKnight. All denied murder but were convicted after the trial that lasted several weeks. All were jailed for a total of 119.5 years on July 30.

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