With a new COVID-19 strain threatening the world, people are now advised to continue to wear masks and follow necessary health safety protocols as before. However, not all are aligned with that idea, particularly the ones who do not believe in the coronavirus issue.

That said, a Tennessee pastor told worshippers that they should go somewhere else if they intend to show up at church wearing a mask.

“If they go through round two and you start showing up, all these mask and all this nonsense, I will ask you to leave,” Greg Locke of the Global Vision Bible Church said to people in attendance last Sunday. “I’m done with it. I said I’m done with it. I ain’t playing these stupid games.”

The politically charged sermon was posted on the pastor’s Facebook page with restrictions possibly heightened once more due to the new spikes of the coronavirus. The Delta variant is now a cause for concern but Locke is not buying it.

“Don’t believe this Delta variant nonsense,” he says, the video shows. He then yells “Stop it! Stop it!”

Locke has been known to hold his own and referred to COVID-19 as a fake pandemic. He referred to vaccines as sugar water and mentioned he would rather go to jail before closing his church.

In all, Locke is not amenable to following the restrictions. Aware that the church faces closure, the pastor appears to be blaming the government for everything, branding them as a buck wild demon-possessed government.

“They will be serving Frosties in hell ‘fore we shut this place down just cause a buckwild demon-possessed government tells us to,” Locke stated.

Even though a majority of people in the area have been vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new set of recommendations, urging people to wear masks especially in places where COVID-19 cases are high.

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