The Brazil Vs. Germany match is Tuesday, July 8, at 4 p.m. ET, and it is shaping up to be the most thrilling game of the 2014 World Cup yet. As the host nation, Brazil desperately wants to win the World Cup before its people. Unfortunately, the Brazilian national team is now more vulnerable than ever as it must play its remaining games without the sensational superstar striker Neymar. 

Last week, the brilliant Brazilian national team defeated Colombia in the quarterfinals with a 2-1 victory. However, a dark cloud loomed over the victory celebrations as Neymar was carried away from the stadium on a stretcher after Colombia defender Jan Zuniga dug his knee into Neymar's back with less than five minutes remaining. Brazilian coach Luiz Felipe Scolari confirmed Neymar suffered fractured vertebra and rightfully called the incident a "catastrophe." In fact, even if Neymar were uninjured, Brazil would still be on its back foot as captain Thiago Silva is suspended from the semi-final match.

The loss of two great Brazilian players will no doubt bolster Germany's confidence going into the semifinal. What's more, Germany has been playing with great consistency and a remarkable 4-0 victory over Portugal set an early tone to Germany's strong performance. According to speculators, all things being equal, Germany definitely possesses an upper hand over the incomplete Brazilian team on Tuesday afternoon.

Final Brazil Vs. Germany predictions are difficult to determine, but we can definitely expect a determined Brazilian team attack the field with strong mental resolve and a never-say-die attitude before its home fans.  To get into the World Cup mood, we have compiled a couple of our favorite memes, gifs, and tweets ahead of Brazil Vs. Germany. Check it out!