Yesterday, Jul. 8, was the first of two semi-final games for the FIFA World Cup 2014. The game featured home team Brazil playing Germany and the world witnessed a shocking loss by Brazil. The South American nation losing was not so shocking, as was the way the team lost. Germany's 7-1 victory was significant, as the team made 5 goals half hour into the game.

In addition to shocking fans around the world, the  Brazil vs. Germany World Cup semi-final game also marked a new record: the game was the most tweeted about sporting event...ever. In fact, users of the social media website sent out a record 35.6 million tweets surrounding the game. Prior to this event, the most tweeted sports event was the 2014 Super Bowl with a little over 24 million tweets.

The Brazil vs. Germany World Cup semi-final game also broke the record for the most tweets per minute in the 29th minute of the game, when Germany's Sami Khedira scored the fifth goal for the European team. At this time, there were 580,166 tweets per minute on Twitter. Prior to this instance, the record for most tweets per minute took place during the Brazil vs. Chile game with 388,985 tweets per minute.

As for content, Germany's Miroslav Klose was the most mentioned player during the game. This should come as no surprise, as Klose set the world record for goal scorer in World Cup finals. Another hot topic on Twitter during the game: Memes! Brazil's embarrassing loss resulted in hilarious memes to surface on the Internet -- check out our roundup of the best memes, GIFs and Vines here.