When a woman gets engaged to the man she loves, it won’t matter what kind of ring is given to announce their engagement. While this normally sets the stage for a much-awaited wedding, the kind of ring that is given hardly matters with most simply adoring it regardless of how much it costs or looks like.

It is also normal for brides-to-be to show off that engagement ring to show that her soon-to-be husband has committed to her. But then again, it does not always follow that people would be happy and give their critique on the piece of jewelry. That includes close friends who may end up being crossed off the list for engagement parties.

Such is the case of a certain friend named Amy by the would-be bride. It appears Amy had her share of criticism on the engagement ring and that eventually hit a nerve on the bride-to-be. The woman shares everything on Reddit.

"I got engaged around a month ago to my lovely boyfriend of six years. My fiancé works in the tech industry and makes a very good wage,"  the woman’s post read. "For our engagement, my fiancé ended up picking probably the most perfect ring for me. It was very expensive, however, and he refused to tell me the exact price and just said it was upwards of $40k (£30,000)."

She also revealed that they were planning a big engagement party where only a select few were invited. All were through RSVP, although they made a last-minute change of uninviting one of the guests – that woman named Amy.

It turns out that Amy was pretty critical about the ring and how much the engagement ring cost the fiancé. She found the comments rude and eventually reflected on what had gone down. In the end, she decided not to invite her friend for the offensive comments.

"I shot her a text explaining how her comments were upsetting to me and how her words were not only demeaning, but disrespectful," the woman explained.

When Amy got the message, she apologized and claimed she did not realize that her comments got that offensive. She asked the woman to reconsider because she had already bought an outfit and hired a babysitter. But having enough, it appears the decision not to invite stood.

Engagement ring Engagement ring Photo by Alekon pictures on Unsplash