Britney Spears is reportedly pregnant with her third child. The actress is said to be expecting her first baby with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Rumors about Spears’ pregnancy have been ripe throughout the past year. Most recently, a tabloid claimed that the “Toxic” singer has ballooned after checking herself at a rehab facility and due to her pregnancy.

But during that time, rumor-debunking site Gossip Cop already clarified that there’s no truth to the claims. The publication said that the tabloid’s story was based on pure speculation. An unnamed source told the tabloid that the singer looked hungry, and fans are convinced that it’s because she’s pregnant.

In November of last year, another tabloid claimed that the singer is ready for her next adventure. And by next adventure, the tabloid claimed that she and her boyfriend are looking forward to having their first child together.

An insider told the publication that Spears won’t be the one to get pregnant because she and her boyfriend have opted to hire a surrogate. And Spears is reportedly researching for ways to make sure that her baby will be a girl. Since the singer suffered from postnatal depression during her previous pregnancies, she and her boyfriend want to avoid the same problem by hiring a surrogate.

In August of last year, another tabloid claimed that Spears and Asghari are ready to settle down. “Britney really wants to have one more child,” a source told the tabloid. “She and Sam are thinking of trying starting after she finishes this tour in a few weeks,” the source added.

And months earlier, another tabloid claimed that Spears was three months pregnant. Since the tabloid published their story in April 2018, Spears should’ve already given birth in October of last year, but she didn’t.

Gossip Cop reiterated the fact that all the rumors surrounding Spears’ pregnancy are fabricated. The singer isn’t expecting another child, and she’s very happy with her two boys.

Earlier this week, the singer also uploaded a photo of herself showing off her toned abs. Spears’ sexy figure proved that she’s not sporting a growing baby bump.

Britney Spears Photo of Britney Spears. Getty Images