The newly liberated pop royalty Britney Spears appeared to be shading her recent legal victory in booting father Jamie Spears out of her 13-year conservatorship after posting disturbing content on Instagram and staging a fake murder scene for Halloween.

The 39-year-old "Oops...I did It Again" hitmaker can be seen in a pink nightgown and black stiletto heels while handcuffed in a pair of fuzzy leopard print handcuffs and sprawled out on the floor of her home.

She would complete the murder scene by smearing fake blood across her face and neck on Monday, the Daily Mail reported.

"On a SPECIAL note, stay classy 'Murica, and don't do anything I wouldn't do because that's like a WHOLE LOT y'all!!!!" a part of the caption reads. "Let me explain myself… I'm saying in a crazy world like we have today that it's pretty important to stay safe !!! Like we did for Covid y'all !!!! But, still, have fun… I mean duh!!!"

"It's been 13 years for me, so I'm a little rusty!!!! Ma and dad can I drive my car now???" Britney added. "JUST KIDDING… but seriously, can I play now???? I just really don't want to offend anyone though."

However, that was a supposedly "fun" post for the singer has since sparked concerns from her fans, with many taking to the comments section to ask if she's okay, according to FM104.

One fan would say, "Okay is anyone else concerned," followed by another user's reply on the photos that read, "THIS HAS TO BE A RED FLAG OMG."

On Tuesday night, Spears ultimately slammed her mother for suggesting the conservatorship idea to Jamie.

“The most dangerous animal in the world is a silent, smiling woman,” Britney said in a now-deleted IG post as per Page Six. “My dad may have started the conservatorship 13 years ago, but what people do not know is that my mom is the one who gave him the idea.”

It now seems like her Halloween stunt of killing herself is her way of destroying the old Britney, the one chained under her conservatorship, as she rebuilds her life with the freedom she has since regained.

"I was BORN today cause I get to SMILE," she said on her post the following day. "So thank you for exiting out of my life and finally allowing me to live mine!!!!"

Last month, Judge Brenda Penny decided to suspend Jamie as conservator of her estate. A hearing slated at a later date will determine the details of Jamie's official removal from the court mandate.

Britney Spears
Britney's controversial IG post comes after a Los Angeles judge suspended her father, Jamie, from her conservatorship in a monumental court hearing on Wednesday after 13 years at the helm. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

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