A man is being accused of having beaten and curb-stomped his pregnant partner on Saturday, with the man not letting up on the attack until a witness and bystander was forced to intervene and took out their gun to threaten the man.

Warning: Graphic content

The incident, which occurred in a Publix super market in Florida, found 27-year-old man Cole Danisment attacking his girlfriend, who was pregnant with his child for the past 14 weeks. The attack, which was described as “brutal,” happened after Danisment got angry at her over something which has yet to be revealed, according to the Miami Herald.

The woman described the incident to Pinellas County deputies, with her saying that Danisment had allegedly punched her repeatedly in the face after he got angry, and because of the massive amount of abuse received from him, she fell down on the ground, Yahoo! News reported.

After this, she claimed that Danisment had curb-stomped her repeatedly in the head and upper body, despite knowing that she was pregnant with his child. She was left “covered in large amounts of blood” and had suffered a “possible broken nose” due to the attack.

Danisment reportedly did not stop his physical abuse of his girlfriend until a bystander who feared for the woman’s life came up to Danisment with his gun drawn, reportedly scaring the man enough to leave his girlfriend alone.

The police said that a no-contact order was posted against Danisment for a different domestic violence charge that he had over his girlfriend that happened the week before the incident, but that it didn’t stop him from the “pattern of violence” he meted out to his girlfriend.

When asked to explain his actions against his girlfriend, Danisment claimed that he ‘blacked out’ during the attack after he ‘saw red,’ and that he did not remember what happened and why he had physically attacked his pregnant girlfriend.

Danisment is currently being charged with aggravated domestic battery and is being held under a $20,000 bond at the Pinellas County Jail.

Pregnant Florida Woman Attacked Rep. Pic
A pregnant woman in Florida was attacked by his boyfriend on Saturday during a trip to the supermarket, only stopping after a witness pulled out a gun. This is a representational image. Ashton Mullins/Unsplash.