A camera company has become the center of attention but for all the wrong reasons!

360Fly, a company that sells cameras and accessories, is making headlines for its latest commercial. Instead of promoting their new 4K and HD 360-degree gadget with an ad that showcases its cool features, the company has decided to make fun of presidential candidate Donald Trump, his wall plan, and undocumented Mexicans

The one-minute commercial shows a Trump impersonator giving a speech in front of the Mexico–United States barrier. "Today, I am proud to unveil the wall. I know all, this is an amazing wall," he says to an excited crowd.

As if the red, white and blue fence that reads "America: Finally Great Again!" is not offensive enough, the commercial then leads to targeting undocumented Mexicans.

commercial A camera company is promoting their newest product with a racist commercial targeting undocumented Mexicans. Watch it here. YouTube/@360Fly

"From now on, no more mariachis interrupting dinner, no more maids or caballeros," says the Trump impersonator as a group of stereotypes ---mariachis, housemaid, gardner, and even a churro vendor--- come out of a hole on the ground and are greeted by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders impersonators. "It is absolutely imperishable and it's absolutely huge, just like me. To our neighbors. To the South. I say, 'adios, amigos,'" he concludes all while mariachi music played in the background. 

According to 360fly's CEO, Peter Adderton, the ad is meant to be anti-racist and supposed to "bring people together."

“We aren’t idiots. We knew that the ad would be controversial,” said Adderton to TechCrunch. “But the feedback from the community has been unbelievable. People tell us they love the spot and say it’s extremely funny.” 

“Every other camera out there only shows what is in front of you. It wants to believe just one thing. In the ad, we have our 360-degree camera bring all the views together, and we say there is a better way. We are trying to bring people together," he stated.