In what has to be one of the most gruesome crimes heard of today, a 26-year-old man strangled his mom and then chopped her to pieces in Spain. The man was identified as Alberto Sanchez Gomez who is now being dubbed by local media as the “Cannibal of Guindalera.”

According to reports, Gomez argued with his 66-year-old mother (Maria Soledad Gomez) at one point. It is believed that the 26-year-old suffocated his mother and then brought the body to a bedroom where he chopped her to pieces. Somebody parts were found on the premises while others were stored in a lunchbox in a refrigerator.

Authorities reportedly went to check on Maria Soledad when friends said that they had not seen her for days. It was here when Alberto admitted to the crime. He went on to confess that he had cut up his mother and spent 15 days eating her remains. Alberto added he also fed some bits he did not want to his dog.

At the residence, officers found limbs wrapped in plastic that were left lying around in rooms. Other parts were found in the refrigerator while other parts were found cooked in a frying pan. Some cops fell sick due to the stench and the shocking discovery.

Based on records, it appears Maria Soledad had a restraining order on Alberto due to an attack that happened in 2018. Regardless, it appears that Alberto violated the court order and returned home.

According to previous reports, Gomez had been admitted to psychiatric care three times at the encouragement of his mother who was scared of him due to frequent physical attacks. The 26-year-old is now facing homicide and the desecration of a corpse. He is staring at potentially serving 15 years and five months in prison. He together with police officers who found the dismembered body is due to testify on Tuesday in Madrid's provincial court.

Crime Scene Outside a Televisa TV station in Guadalajara, Mexico, workers found two human heads inside a cooler with a note from a drug cartel threatening several people including a state judge in Guadalajara. Getty Images