Police in a remote Siberian village arrested a man earlier this year for the heinous act of cannibalism after the murder. The man accused of the crime has been sentenced to life in prison.

The incident reportedly took place on March 6. 32-year-old Vladimir Yadne on the same night killed three people and ate their flesh. The court heard how the defendant cut off the flesh from the bodies of his victims and ate the morsels raw with vodka.

Yadne resided in the remote village of Gaz-Sale, Russia with a population of under 1,800 people. On the day of the killings, the defendant had gone to buy a bottle of alcohol. When he was on his way back, he spotted his first two victims.

He saw the 51-year-old man and 59-year-old woman embracing. The man and women were known to each other and were friends. Police did not clarify their relation with Yadne, however, it is believed that he knew the victims.

After spotting the two, Yadne reportedly got into an argument with them. The conflict turned violent when the defendant took a knife and attacked the pair. He stabbed both the victims multiple times till they both were dead.

Daily Mail reported that having killed his victims the defendant had the hankering for their flesh. He cut off bits from the victim's bodies. Drinking the alcohol, he had bought, he ate the flesh raw, the head of the criminal justice department in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region, Inna Nosova, told the court.

His hunger for human flesh was not over. On the same night, he killed and ate the flesh of a 52-year-old man. His third victim was stabbed to death as well.

Yadne tried to dispose of the bodies of his victims after the crime. He dumped the bodies of his first two victims together and his third victim at a separate location. Local police launched an investigation after the bodies of the victims were discovered. The suspect was arrested within hours of the murder.

Having been arrested, Yadne confessed to the murders. He also helped the police by recreating the crimes, Daily Star reported. He underwent psychiatric evaluation due to the nature of the crimes. It was determined that at the time of committing the crimes, Yadne was ‘sane’.

The court sentenced the defendant to life in prison without a chance of release. He will serve his sentence at a prison colony that is known for its harsh conditions.

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