Swimmers found themselves losing consciousness and being hospitalized on Saturday, Jan. 29, after a carbon monoxide leak in an Ohio hotel pool allegedly from a broken pool heater caused the area to fill up with gas, endangering the lives of the guests.

The Marysville Hampton Inn in Ohio found themselves having to send more than 11 people to the hospital due to the carbon monoxide leak, with at least two additional people being treated on the scene. Seven people are still in the hospital facing serious conditions, according to People.

A two-year-old girl was reported to be the first person to pass out from the gas before multiple people lounging in the same area started losing consciousness as well due to the dangerous carbon monoxide levels in the room.

After police officers and emergency services arrived at the scene, the hotel was forced to close all potential sources of carbon monoxide while personally helping its guests find new accommodation in other hotels in the area.

The Marysville Division of Fire and Division of Police, who have been investigating the cause of the carbon monoxide leak, has said that malfunctioning pool heaters may have been the cause of the accidental build-up of carbon monoxide indoors, The Colombus Dispatch reported.

Multiple incidents regarding carbon monoxide build-up due to malfunctioning pool heaters have been prevalent in recent times, with over 12 deaths between 2005 and 2018 due to pool heaters that run on natural gas.

The Marysville Hampton Inn’s equipment and facilities were last inspected in December 2021. Hotels in Ohio are not required to have carbon monoxide detectors in their pool area, which would have indicated earlier about the build-up of the gas in the hotel had they installed them in the area.

The hotel was forcibly closed by authorities due to the gas leak and remains closed as of press time.

Seven people still remain in critical condition after an Ohio hotel pool on Saturday filled up with carbon monoxide gas, causing many in the area to pass out before emergency services arrived. This is a representational image. lu jianfeng/Unsplash.

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