Winner of two Grammy Awards and nine Latin Grammy Awards, Carlos Vives spoke about the explicit lyrics of Trap music during a press conference for the Festival Presidente, which was celebrated successfully the first weekend of November in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The Colombian singer criticized the violent and sexual content of the lyrics of the musical genre, but noted that he respects the work of all artists. The trap is a genre "of violent lyrics, of explicit sexual descriptions, it is counterculture, the counterculture exists and has always existed," Vives said before going on stage.

The Vallenato singer and composer said he likes Reggaeton, but made the comment that "explicit sex songs are not given to a child, adult music is for adults." He also added that "if we are going to talk, let’s talk about these issues openly and not be afraid to put the names as they are, the trap is a genre that I will not give to my daughter.”

Vives expressed that his intention is not to fight with singers. He was very respectful with his comments, perhaps avoiding being a target of strong criticism, as happened with Aleks Syntek, who received death threats after declaring that Reggaeton was "music of apes."

Vives shared moments of the Festival Presidente, thanking all the audience for the great response.

The 56-year-old artist began a new era in 2012, releasing a new album that went straight to be No. 1 on Billboard. On May 27, 2016, "La Bicicleta" featuring fellow Colombian singer Shakira was released as a single.