Snakes will be slithering around and most would be usually get caught off guard. But in Kapileswar, a family got an unlikely protector in their cat named Chinu.

According to reports, the cat did more than just try to fend off the cobra from getting into the house. It fought off the reptile and made sure it would not get in. The cat stood guard at the house of Sampad Kumar Parida and his family until the reptile specialists arrived.

Chinu’s owner reportedly saw the cat running in the backyard and went out to check what was going on. It was there where he saw the cat standing guard against the four-foot cobra and made sure that it would not get past it and enter the home.

Reports alleged that the two even engaged in a fight. But in the end, the feline just stood out of the house for 30 minutes, serving as a roadblock so that the reptile would not invade the premises and possibly do harm to anyone in the household.

With the cat standing guard, the Parida family immediately called the snake helpline for assistance.

“Our cat prevented the cobra from entering inside for nearly 30 minutes till a team from the Snake Helpline reached the spot. He is around one-and-a-half-years old and lives with us like a family member,” Parida stated.

When the right people finally arrived, the cobra arrived to take control of the situation. When they managed to get the reptile, they immediately released it to its natural habitat.

According to NDTV, Parida revealed that the cat was just one-and-a-half years old. They treated Chinu as a family member and proved that when he protected the family.

Many people on social media saw the post and share their experiences about their cats. Some said their cats were upgraded to dogs while another branded cats as animals that are instinctive and will play a standoff with other creatures until one of them backs off.

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