While cats are often synonymous with a great cuddle-sesh, one feisty catto in Kuala Lumpur just proved to the world that’s she a lot more than just a furry companion.

As per a recent report on Kosmo, residents of a skyscraper in KL were taken by complete surprise upon realizing that one of their feline pets had a mighty fall -- from the 10th floor of the apartment -- but managed to survive without sustaining any grievous injuries.

One of the witnesses revealed that he heard a long thud as a result of something hitting the roof. Turns out, it was the cat, who apparently slid onto the roof while climbing the balcony, seemed to have superpowers. The kitty’s survival skills were such that upon landing on the sunroof of a car, the sunroof had shattered but the feisty feline landed safely inside the car. The cat who was rushed to a veterinary clinic for examination appeared to have sustained no major injuries.

While netizens cheered over the cat’s safe survival, the mysterious incident continued to evoke several queries. However, a finding by BBC attributed the happy ending to physics. physics, evolutionary biology, and physiology.

What needs to be noted is that cats are also essentially arboreal animals i.e. they are blessed with the innate ability to live on trees as well. Hence, through natural selection, cats have honed a rather interesting skill: a keen instinct for sensing which way is down, similar to the mechanism humans use for balance.

This kitty on the balcony wall had a mighty fall. But, by the looks of it, she didn’t care at all!

KL cat's might fall shattered the car's sunroof but not her survival insticts
KL cat's might fall shattered the car's sunroof but not her survival instincts Kosmo Online

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