The announcement of Russia’s partial military mobilization on Wednesday continues to have repercussions in the country, as protests continue to pop up against recruitment officers and authorities, with many individuals attempting to dodge the draft in numerous ways.

The mobilization, which some outlets have claimed will take over a million Russians to the army instead of the announced 300,000, has caused disarray in the country, as many people flee the embattled nation to avoid getting drafted and others protest in anger over the decision, according to the Daily Beast.

Protests have shut down highways and many people have been caught on camera getting arrested by the Russian police for demonstrating and voicing out their anger against the mobilization, with many people reportedly being served draft notices even if they have no prior military experience.

A military recruitment agency in St. Petersburg was set on fire with other attempted arson attacks in Orenburg and Zabaykalsy Krai. A recruitment officer in Derbent was also confronted by protestors, who was unable to get them on their side as they spoke about patriotism and the country’s “future.”

“We don’t even have a present, what future are you talking about,” one protestor yelled.

Many Russian men who are afraid of getting drafted are thinking of ways to avoid it, with some of them hiding out in their houses while others attempt to get health exemptions or even be imprisoned just to avoid fighting in the war, the BBC reported.

“Mental health or treatment for drug addiction look like good, cheap or perhaps even free options,” Vyacheslav, a Russian man, said. “If you are stoned and get arrested while driving, hopefully you will get your [license taken] away and will have to undergo treatment. You can't be certain but hopefully this will be enough to avoid being taken [into the army].”

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson for Putin, claimed that none of the protests or panic regarding the draft is happening and that everything has been widely-accepted and peaceful in Russia.

“Information about some kind of fuss at airports is greatly exaggerated. There is a lot of fake information appearing about this,” he said.

Protests in Russia continue to intensify after Vladimir Putin's partial military mobilization announcement, with many of those who may be drafted looking for ways to avoid being enlisted. Contributor/Getty Images.

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