Charlize Theron was spotted wearing an all-nude look when she was on the way to be a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Pictures of the actress being escorted by her bodyguards have surfaced online.

Theron had an all-nude look when she was spotted outdoors recently, and pictures of the actress posted on Daily Mail show her looking chic in the new outfit and short, blonde hair. She accessorized with a pair of dark sunglasses and wore red lipstick that matched perfectly with her nail polish.

What was quite noticeable about Theron was the black thumb brace she wore. This was the first topic that was discussed when she was a guest at “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The actress first joked about becoming a professional bowler, but she later revealed that she actually injured her hand while filming an action sequence for her new movie “The Old Guard.”

The other big action film Theron filmed recently was “Fast & Furious 9.” She filmed the Vin Diesel movie after “The Old Guard,” where she had injured her hand. The actress revealed that she walked around with that injury for the two months and said that it was “bad a-s” that she did that.

Theron is currently promoting the animation flick “The Addams Family,” in which she has leant her voice to the character Morticia Addams. The film is based on a popular TV series from the 60s that has since been made into different shows and movies.

Talking about “The Adams Family,” Theron said that she didn’t watch the show when she was younger. She did, however, discover the franchise later in life and “loved” the weird things that are portrayed in it.

“The Adams Family” will be released on Oct. 11. Theron’s children have already watched the movie, and her oldest child was able to recognize that it was his mother’s voice for Morticia. The actress was disappointed that her daughter’s favorite character in the film was Snoop Dogg’s IT, even though he hardly speaks in the movie.

Charlize Theron Charlize Theron at the MTV Movie Awards 2016 Red Carpet. Getty Images