Chiquis Rivera surprised everyone when she revealed that she was having a baby in October, but it's not like a real baby, it's a new album she's working on. The daughter of "La Diva De La Banda" announced that "Entre Botellas" is dropping this fall and it will include a duet with her mother. "I'm focused on my career, in my music and my 'baby' that is coming in october," she revealed to Univision Entretenimiento. "My 'baby's' name is 'Entre Botellas,' don't think other things." But for real, will Chiquis ever have babies? The "La Malquerida" singer replied saying: "In the future, yes, I can see myself married with kids. I used to not think a lot about that, but now I do want to have a wedding and children as well, but everthing at its given time."

About the duet with Jenni Rivera she said: "It's a beautiful and varied album, it includes covers, new songs, as well as a duet with my mother, a new song that is called 'Quisiera Verte En Mi Lugar' ('I Want To See You In My Place'), a song by Chelo, as well as songs from Poncho Arrocha. I think this album is better than my previous one, although I loved the first one too."

Chiquis often dreams about her mother and in one of her dreams she saw Jenni getting married again. "It was something a little weird," Chiquis said during an interview. "She was going to get married, I think she is getting married or already got married. I was happy to see her, she is always with me. When asked if she knew who Jenni was getting married to, she said it was someone really young. "I told her, 'mom, you just got there, how are you getting married?'" Chiquis added.

At the time Jenni Rivera passed away, Chiquis and her were not on speaking terms. Word got to Jenni that her husband Esteban Loaiza was cheating on her with her own daughter. The two drifted apart and never got to work things out. Loaiza recently broke his silence about if he had, had an affair with his step-daughter, which he completely denied. Chiquis was then asked about his response and she said: "It's the truth and I think that his name and my name were tarnished."

Chiquis is promoting her newest single titled "Horas Extras" and said it's a strong anthem, but it's not directed at anyone in particular. "The song has feminist lyrics, if you will, but it's not directed to shade men, it's more about things that I have lived through," she said. "It was a song that I liked very much, written by Poncho Arrocha and when he showed me the lyrics I loved them and said, "this is mine." Chiquis new album "Entre Botellas" features solely Regional Mexican songs. "It's an album with banda," she added. "My first album had a little bit of pop, in English, dance, but now it's only banda as my focus is in this genre, I went with Regional Mexican."