Chiquis Rivera Communicates With Jenni Rivera
The daughter of the late 'Diva de la Banda' still communicates with her mother and you won't believe what she is up to now. Getty

Chiquis Rivera left some unfinished business with her mother Jenni Rivera but thankfully they both still communicate, through the former's dreams. After three years of "La Diva De La Banda's" death, it seems like she is doing well in the afterworld, at least according to Chiquis. During an interview at the Latinos De Hoy Awards the "La Malquerida" singer made some revelations that we are not sure to take with joy or find a little creepy. Chiquis said she had a dream where she physically saw her mother and said she had met someone "up there" and will be getting married.

"It was something a little weird," Chiquis said. "She was going to get married, I think she is getting married or already got married. I was happy to see her, she is always with me. When asked if she knew who Jenni was getting married to, she said it was someone really young. "I told her, 'mom, you just got there, how are you getting married?'" Chiquis added. We find this a little strange and even more strange that Chiquis is making her dream public. However, if she wants to believe this is true and this gives her peace, more power to her. We love and miss Jenni Rivera and we are truly happy that she has found happiness in the after life.

This is not the first time Chiquis says she has felt the presence of her mother. After her performance on Premios Juventud 2014 Chiquis revealed that minutes before taking the stage "La Diva de la Banda" gave her advice. "I asked my mom to give me strength," she said in an interview. "I heard her, I don't care what people say; if they say I'm crazy, that it's a lie. I heard her, I sighed and at that moment I like only heard my representative, my mother telling me, 'do it like this, move like this.' I don't know how to explain it because when I saw it on video I said, 'wow.'" She also added, "I feel her presence through the music and that gives me strength. I know I'm not crazy. I know that she is with me and communicates with me through music."

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