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Chrissie Fit plays Flo Fuentes on "Pitch Perfect 3" and she not only slays the character, but also proves Latinos can be an important role without being a stereotype. She also revealed the Spanish song that would've been great in the franchise. Courtesy Photo

Now graduated from college and out in the real world where it takes more than a cappella to get by, the Bellas return in Pitch Perfect 3, the next chapter in the beloved series. Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Hana Mae Lee, Ester Dean, Alexis Knapp, Chrissie Fit, Kelley Jakle, Shelley Regner, Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins all return and are joined by additions including John Lithgow and Ruby Rose.

After the highs of winning the World Championships, the Bellas find themselves split apart and discovering there aren’t job prospects for making music with your mouth. But when they get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour, this group of awesome nerds will come together to make some music, and some questionable decisions, one last time.

We had the chance to speak with Chrissie Fit, who plays Florencia “Flo” Fuentes, and whose character was first introduced in Pitch Perfect 2 as an exchange student from Guatemala. One thing we’ve loved about Flo in both Pitch Perfect 2 and 3 has been the fact that even though she’s Latina, we haven’t seen her play any stereotypes. Flo used to mock the stereotypes when she first joined the Bellas, by highlighting the “white girl problems” the other girls had, but her character grows so much from one movie to another, to the point where she becomes an entrepreneur after graduating college.

Although at first it seems like in Pitch Perfect 3 Flo is struggling a bit, she does have her own business and she has bigger plans for it. She’s very business savvy and it was great to see a character like her, that not only sings, dances and is gorgeous, but is also successful and the only one who has her life together at the beginning of the film.

As for Chrissie, not only is she great in the movie, but she’s probably one of the sweetest people ever. Even at the end of a long day for her, she was sparkly, very talkative and always enthusiastic to answer all the questions we asked her. She was a true joy to chat with and shared the ins and outs of this movie, as well as some beauty tricks that have her looking like a teenager even when she’s over 30, and the Spanish song she would totally suggest if there were another Pitch Perfect movie.

chrissie fit
Chrissie Fit as Flo Fuentes during a scene on "Pitch Perfect 3." Courtesy Photo

Latin Times: You guys went all out for this movie. Everything from new mash-ups, adding instruments to some songs, special effects…

Chrissie Fit: Stunts… we did it all, with the kitchen sink, everything is in there basically.

LT: How do you feel about the end result?

CF: I get a little emotional thinking it’s the last one and we just have such a good time together and we’re all friends and it doesn’t feel like work for us, but I think it’s great, I think people are going to love it, and they’re just gonna have a fun time going on this journey with us and The Bellas are international now!

We’re going to Europe, we’re getting in trouble over there, and I think that with the music and the dancing and the added element of the action-packed stuff, I think it’s going to be a real crowd-pleaser, and I’m really emotional about it!

LT: I might’ve shed a little tear or two at the end!

CF: I know! For the last song, I legit started crying and the director Trish (Sie) pulled me aside and was like “Chrissie, are you ok? It looks like your puppy died,” and I was like “that’s too much!” Let me take it back in, because I was just really emotional seeing all these girls and Anna (Kendrick) hugs me at one point and I couldn’t keep it together.

LT: Out of all the songs you’ve done in the movies, which one has been your favorite to sing?

CF: Umm… I think it was the finale in Pitch Perfect 2, although I’m really loving Cheap Thrills in this third one ‘cause it has a little bit of a Caribbean vibe and I’m Cuban so I got to get a little down and dirty; but for the emotional journey and having all the Legacies on stage I really loved the first one I said too.

LT: If there were to be a Pitch Perfect 4 and you could suggest a song, which one would you suggest?

CF: Hands down I would suggest a Spanish song! It would be just so much fun to hear all these girls trying to sing in Spanish and I think the dance would be kind of interesting and cool, and then probably I would sing the lead on it ‘cause I’m the one who speaks Spanish! I think that would be really fun! Maybe something like Chantaje by Shakira and Maluma, that would be so fun and maybe the Trebles could sing the male part and the Bellas sing Shakira’s part. I mean, I want to see Ben Platt and Skylar Astin singing Spanish. Yea!

LT: What’s your favorite scene from Pitch Perfect 3?

CF: We filmed part of the movie in the sound stages and we created the yacht and there was this big tank with water so it became like a huge heated pool for us and that was the most fun day on set because we were like little kids in the pool! While waiting in between takes we were doing tricks in the water, synchronized swimming and that was really fun!

LT: You are in your 30s…

CF: I am girl!

LT: And you look super young...

CF: Thank you!

LT: Do you have any tricks and beauty tips to look so young and radiant?

CF: Since I was little my mom always told me “you need to wash your face before you go to bed, don’t have any makeup on when you go to sleep,” and I always do that. But it’s nothing crazy, I have been using Aveeno products since I was 16, the Positively Radiant moisturizer, that’s what I use all the time and I’m scared to change it because what if I change it and I reverse Benjamin Button and become an old lady overnight?

I’ll stick to this routine that’s been working for me since I was a teenager! I also don’t wash my face in the morning, which I know it’s crazy, but I think at night you gain back all you’ve lost, like the oils in your skin, so I don’t like to wash my face in the morning.

LT: If you could add anything else to Pitch Perfect 3, what would it be?

CF: I selfishly would like to see a little bit more of Flo’s business and highlight that a little bit more because it is a little glazed over, when really she’s probably one or the only one who has her life together and has a sound business mind and is working it out after college, and I would love to have seen maybe at the end of the movie everyone at her new store and celebrating together.

LT: Do you relate to Flo? What are some characteristics that you share and don’t share?

CF: I saw so many positive qualities in Flo, because my parents were immigrants from Cuba, and they came here and started a new life and didn’t know the language and it takes a lot of bravery for that and it’s not spoken about enough how brave and strong you have to be to do that and I saw all these positive qualities about Flo. She’s hardworking, she’s determined, she’s smart, she’s sassy, she’s sarcastic, and those are the things that I really appreciate.

Her humor is a little dark and can get a little morbid sometimes, which I still kind of appreciate, but I think Anna Kendrick said it once, out of all the characters I’m probably the least like my character because I’m very positive and bubbly and Flo’s a reality check all the time. But I’m really grateful that in this movie I got to sit down with the director and producers and talk about the message they wanted to present this time around and I think that we did a good job in representing the Latinos that are so hardworking, wonderful and amazing.

Pitch Perfect 3 is produced by Paul Brooks of Gold Circle Entertainment and Max Handelman & Elizabeth Banks of Brownstone Productions, and is directed by Trish Sie (Step Up All In). You can watch it in theaters now.

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