An immigrant father living in Raleigh, North Carolina was reportedly shot to death by police officers on Tuesday, Jan. 11, after he and his family survived a car crash that rendered the father unconscious then "disoriented."

Forty-three-year-old Daniel Turcios, who immigrated to the U.S. from El Salvador, was shot multiple times by police officers who responded to a car crash that caused Turcios to be “disoriented” when police officers first came into the scene, The Daily Beast reported.

With a limited understanding of English, Turcios reportedly approached police with a pocket knife, which he was asked to put down by officers. They tased him in an effort to subdue him, but they shot him after that didn’t seem to work, according to WRAL.

“In this case, because Daniel was disoriented from a severe blow to the head resulting in a temporary loss of consciousness that he suffered during the car accident–was that taken into consideration before the officers proceeded to engage?” Dawn Blagrove from Emancipate NC said.

In a press conference made to bring attention to the killing, footage from the incident showed that the officer who shot Turcios fired at him multiple times after Turcios was subdued, leading to many questioning whether the show of force was necessary.

“In this footage, it is undeniably clear that after the initial shot sustained by Daniel Turcios, he was no longer a threat,” Kerwin Pittman from Emancipate NC said. “Why [were] additional shots fired? He wasn’t a threat after that.”

Rosa Jerez, Turcios’ wife, said that her husband did not respond to her calling his name after the attack and that her children reportedly begged the police officers in the scene not to shoot their father.

“He was killed like a dog... they didn't care about him,” she said.

Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson has said that the department is assembling a report of the incident and that the officer who shot Turcios was placed on administrative leave. She said that an investigation is underway regarding the killing.

“I want to say that I want to wait until we have all of the information, before making any decisions or before making any statements concerning whether the shooting was justified or was not justified,” Patterson said.

Daniel Turcios, an immigrant father from North Carolina, was reportedly shot to death by police officers after he and his family had survived a car crash that left him disoriented. This is a representational image. stevepb/Pixabay.

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